Vonleh Moves to 2013

Noah Vonleh is headed to the 2013 class, thus making one of North Carolina's top junior targets a senior.

"I think it comes down to the fact that he's academically prepared," New Hampton coach Pete Hutchins said. "It was not at all a difficult process in terms of making sure he was set up with the eligibility center. That's a big part of it."

"I think that he's really grown up and I think he's ready for the challenge," Hutchins added.

Vonleh, who was ranked No. 5 overall in the 2014 class by Scout.com and is now No. 7 in 2013, is ready from a basketball standpoint to make the move, according to Hutchins.

"I think from a basketball standpoint if you look at him he just turned 17," Hutchins said. "He's going to be a young senior. I think that his approach to the game is changing everyday. He's much more focused and much more willing to challenge himself in terms of learning about the game and becoming a student of the game."

With the move to the 2013 class, Hutchins expects Vonleh's recruitment to pick up.

"The schools that have really done a good job of recruiting him from the end of the summer until now are pretty much aware of the situation," Hutchins said. "There's going to be other schools that Noah will be interested to see where he stands."

"OSU, North Carolina and Indiana have done the best job recruiting going back as far as the spring," Hutchins said. "I don't' know where he's going to stand with these other programs. Those are the schools that were recruiting him the hardest as a 2014."

"These are the schools recruiting him the hardest as a 2014," he reiterated. "That's why he's more familiar with those programs. Other schools have recruited him very hard early on, and have been part of the recruitment.

To go with Ohio State, UNC and Indiana, Kansas has picked up its recruitment of Vonleh.

"Bill Self has been up here this spring," Vonleh said. They've made it kown to Noah that he's a priority."

New Hampton has been busy this fall with college coaches coming to see Vonleh. According to Hutchins, Tom Crean, Bill Self, Steve Donahue, Bob Huggins and Ben Howland have all been in. Roy Williams was scheduled to be in this past Sunday but had to reschedule due to his surgery.

At this stage, Vonleh hasn't set up any official visits.

"Noah hasn't taken the SAT or PSAT," Hutchins said. "He's taking the SAT on October 6th. You're looking at - at least a month after that before he takes an official visit."

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