Register Takes in Kenan Atmosphere

Chris Register's quest to attend a football game at each of the in-state schools this fall brought the 2014 prospect to Chapel Hill this past Saturday.

"I came a little late, so I missed all the pregame things," Register said. "But the fans were great."

Because of his late arrival, Register, a 6-foot-4, 210-pounder from Greensboro (N.C.) Dudley, wasn't able to spend much time with UNC's coaching staff on Saturday. The communication was limited to a brief conversation with one of the assistant coaches on the sideline during pregame.

"He said take in this atmosphere and he liked the color I had on," Register said. "I had one a Carolina Blue shirt on. He said get used to that color."

Register did have a phone conversation with his primary recruiter, Chris Kapilovic, a couple of nights before the visit.

"He said he couldn't wait to see me, but I missed him because I came so late," Register said.

The only other game Register has attended this fall is the Wake Forest-UNC game in Winston-Salem.

While most other schools expect Register to continue to play linebacker into his collegiate career, UNC sees him fitting the Bandit position. Between the two games he has attended, Register has a good grasp of what UNC's Bandit position is about.

"I saw a lot of sacks from the Bandit position, particularly on Saturday," Register said. "I liked that."

At Dudley, Register is asked to do a lot of different things, similar to UNC's Bandit. From the middle linebacker spot, he'll blitz, provide run support, and drop into coverage. The main differences between Dudley's middle linebacker and UNC's Bandit are the location on the field and how the Bandit will often line up in a three-point stance.

"I'm pretty much used to the three-point stance, though, because I play tight end, too," Register said.

At this juncture of his recruitment, Register is wide open.

"Nobody is sticking out," Register said. "I'm just taking it all in as it comes."

Next up for Register is the NC State-Florida State game in Raleigh on Oct. 6. He's also trying to attend a game at Duke at some point.

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