Site Redesign Coming This Week is set to debut a site redesign this week that will include a new user interface, new forums software, and important upgrades in technology.


For more than a year, we've been in discussions with the network about a full site redesign, outlining the changes in site design and upgrades in technology the site needed, based on reader feedback and our own analysis.

After extensive behind-the-scenes work, the new interface and features are scheduled to launch this week.


User Interface
We're replacing our content management system with a new user interface that will provide us the ability to display content in ways we've not been able to in the past -- clean and bold, with a design geared toward a vertical layout that better spotlights articles and photos -- and to provide content in ways we've not been able to in the past -- such as the addition of staff blogs.

The site will dynamically re-size depending on your device and/or screen size, which will enable far easier viewing of Inside Carolina on smartphones, tablets, etc. And note that all aspects of the site will feature mobile capability -- including the forums.

Our new forums software is going to look a lot different, embracing the clean and bold design element, and with many technological improvements and features that weren't possible in the current forums. You'll be able to customize your user experience and utilize advanced account profiles and tools like email alerts, social media integration and there will be a search tool for all aspects of the forums. In addition, there will be more new features that will be implemented over time after they've been fully tested. Threads and posts will also be archived so they don't get deleted after a number of weeks.

Your account will be moved, so your account information and username will continue at the new site uninterrupted. As part of a new approach intended to highlight quality over quantity, your post count will be carried over and incorporated into your new user profile status, as will your legacy, but the post count will not be displayed.

Existing posts on the site will be transferred, except for posts made in the final week before launch, since the migration process is already underway. Note that private messages will not be transferred so if there is anything you want to save in that inbox, you should do so now.


The site will look much different and that will require some adjustment visually and in terms of navigation, but know that it's the same Inside Carolina staff and the same Inside Carolina community.

Beyond bracing yourself for change, there isn't anything you have to do in advance of the launch - unless you have an outdated browser. Be sure to upgrade your browser to the newest version that your operating system supports so you'll be able to view and use all of the site's features. This is especially important if you use Internet Explorer. While we heavily recommend alternatives such as Firefox and Chrome, if you you have to stick with Internet Explorer, please make sure you're using version 8.0 or higher.

As noted above, your full account will be moved to the new system, including your subscription (if you have one) and your username on the forums, so you will not need to re-register and/or re-subscribe.

In terms of editorial content, we've moved over the schedules, recruiting boards, and other mainstays, and articles from the last few years will be migrated as well (with the rest of the article archives to follow later). If you stumble upon any broken links as you navigate through archived articles in the new site, please let us know.

Again, live posts on the site made in the final week before launch will not. So if you make any posts from the last week that you want saved, you'll need to save them locally.

For users of our smartphone app, we ask for your patience while we determine whether the mobile-friendly site will replace or complement the app.

Also note that, as part of this launch, the network is changing its name from to

We're very excited about these improvements, but as with all changes of this scale, there are bound to be challenges, so your patience as we work through those challenges will be appreciated.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

- The IC Staff

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