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After a redesign filled with serious technical problems, Inside Carolina has moved back to this site. The servers are being re-routed and all conversation moved back to the old forums.

As you all know, the last four days since the new site launched have been very trying times for the Inside Carolina users and its staff. The FOX Sports Next team has been unable to seamlessly transfer the accounts, and unable to stabilize an array of technical problems since the launch. We've worked tirelessly to try and help all of you through this process, but it's become clear that FOX Sports Next is not ready -- in fact, not close to being ready -- to be fully functional and problem-free.

Because of this, we began moving back to the old site -- this site -- on Monday evening. The servers will begin to be routed to return to the former front page, and we'll shift all conversation back to the old forums. Expect it to take up to 24 hours for your internet provider to properly pull up the right front page. We'll sort through all the technical and account aspects of this return in the coming hours and days.

We're sorry everyone had to endure these last four days. Frankly, we're extremely disappointed with how this developed and if we had any indication that the network would run into these types of problems (and be incapable of fixing them quickly) with this redesign, we would have never gone down this road. At some point in the coming months there will be a redesign, as it's in the best interests of this site to make much-needed technological improvements, but not with a network that is unable to support it -- and not at the expense of our readers' patience and goodwill.

- The IC Staff

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