Brice Johnson Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Following North Carolina's season-opening win over Gardner-Webb on Friday night, freshman Brice Johnson conducted his first interview as a Tar Heel ...

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How was that experience for you?
"It was pretty good. I enjoyed it. I was looking forward to it all week. I was ready to play."

How would you evaluate how your first game went?
"I could have done a lot better. I did some good things. We played as a team. I have to do a little bit more on the defensive end [and] on the offensive end, too. So I need to work on that in practice and get better at whatever I need to get better at."

What does it feel like when that first shot goes in?
"It's great. I was expecting it. It felt great coming out. I wanted it to go in and it went it."

How have the first couple of weeks of practice been for you in adjusting to the college game?
"It's been pretty good. The pace of the game has been a little faster than high school, so it's been an adjustment with that. With the coaches, too, you have to learn what they want you to do and move where they want you to be at."

Has the physicality of the game been an adjustment?
"It's been a big adjustment because in high school people weren't really my size. But now everybody is the same caliber and everybody plays hard."

Do you have to change your rebounding approach due to your size?
"I do what I've always done. Just try to box out the best that I can and out jump everybody that I can. I can jump up there and get it, so just go get it at the top of the peak and pull it down."

What's one thing the coaching staff has asked you to do that you haven't done in the past?
"Just make a quicker move in the post. Instead of dribbling around and trying to do an up-and-under, just make a very quick move and go straight to the basket."

If you don't make a quick move in college basketball, what happens?
"Either they take the ball or you get it blocked. One of the two."

Desmond Hubert said recently that you've become more consistent since the summer. How have you worked to improve in that area?
"Over the summer I was learning things and trying to get adjusted to it. Now that I've been adjusted and have been in here a little longer, I've been ready to play. Just be consistent and keep moving."

What's the transition from high school to college been like?
"It's been great. It's a lot different. It's a lot more people. There are just a lot more fans around. Back at home, there was a good bit of fans after I committed that started to show up, but it's been amazing."

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