Ruffin Feels Wanted at UNC

From the moment Nick Ruffin stepped foot on campus Saturday morning, North Carolina rolled out the welcome mat for the 2014 prospect.

"It's a beautiful stadium – a beautiful venue," Ruffin said. "The people there at North Carolina are great people. I didn't meet one person that wasn't open to talking. As well as the coaches themselves are just a bunch of great guys."

Specifically, upon his arrival, Ruffin, a 6-foot, 170-pound cornerback from Atlanta (Ga.) St. Pius X, was greeted by Deke Adams. Except for during the football game, Ruffin was constantly accompanied by Adams, his primary recruiter.

"I got a chance to see how he conducts himself," Ruffin said. "He's a relaxed guy. I didn't get a sense of arrogance from him at all. He's a good guy overall. I just enjoyed spending time with him face-to-face, one-on-one. That was something I was definitely hoping I'd have opportunity to do.

"He definitely mentioned the secondary a couple of times, but also he was glad that I made the trip – he knows that I made a long drive. He was just excited for me to be there. He was just glad that I had the opportunity to experience what North Carolina has to offer."

Following the game, Ruffin spent time in Adams's office where Larry Fedora eventually joined the conversation.

"[Fedora] just talked to me briefly about the scheme and the things that they intend on doing after a loss like this," Ruffin said. "Again, [he talked about] why they need DBs – why they need help on the defensive side of the ball. He was also excited that I made the trip all the way up to Chapel Hill."

Ruffin witnessed first hand UNC's defensive needs during the Tar Heels' 68-50 loss to Georgia Tech on Saturday.

"I could see why they need DBs," Ruffin said with a laugh. "It was a rough game for the North Carolina defense.

"I could definitely see that Coach Fedora is definitely making some strides in his first year at North Carolina. That's going to be a team to contend with hopefully in the near future."

That need will aid UNC in its pursuit of Ruffin.

"That's definitely something that appeals to me, because I definitely want to play early – if not my freshman year, at least by my sophomore year," Ruffin said. "Anywhere that has a need for me, that definitely kind of sticks out to me."

Furthermore, due to its need, UNC is among the four schools sticking out in Ruffin's mind.

"At this point, I've definitely taken a shine to Vanderbilt as well as North Carolina, Georgia Tech, and LSU," Ruffin said. "Those are the schools that have stood out to me at this point. First and foremost, academically speaking, those are all great schools.

"And then after that, on the athletic side, the coaches, they are great men. My mom got to meet with all of them and she hasn't had a complaint. The campus vibe I get from those four schools is definitely something that appeals to me. And on top of that, there's definitely a need at cornerback at each of those schools, with the exception of LSU – we all know that LSU is DB U."

This coming Saturday, Ruffin will visit Vanderbilt for its SEC bout against Tennessee. Besides UNC, he has been to Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

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