Allen Stops By Chapel Hill

North Carolina hosted junior guard Grayson Allen for an unofficial visit on Sunday.

While in Chapel Hill, Allen took a brief tour of the campus and watched UNC's game against Florida Atlantic. Before the game he talked with one of UNC's assistant coaches and met with Roy Williams afterwards.

"I spent quite a bit of time with Coach [Steve] Robinson and then a little bit with coach [Roy] Williams after the game," Allen said.

"Pretty much they are just going to stay in touch," he said about their conversations. "They are going to try to watch a game and come down to see a game during the high school season. I think they've only seen me play once right now, so they just want to see me play more."

Allen said the atmosphere at the game was one of the things that stood out most about his trip to Chapel Hill.

"The state of North Carolina is a beautiful state," Allen said. "The school has a really nice campus. Even thought it wasn't an ACC game or anything it was still a pretty fun game and the students got into it so it was exciting."

Allen, a 6-4 standout at Riverview (Fla.) Providence, said his tour of the campus was brief, but he was impressed by what he saw.

"I didn't get to see the campus much since it was a game day and they were short of time," Allen said. "I did ride through it a little bit. That campus was really nice. It's not huge. It's all kind of there in a circle. All the buildings were nice. I like the basketball facilities. Everything is all in one place. It's all right there."

Allen visited Duke on Friday and North Carolina State on Saturday. Of the three schools, North Carolina State is the only one that has offered him a scholarship.

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