Francis Finalizing Enrollment Plans

Given his frequent visits to North Carolina, the main goal of Khris Francis's official visit this past weekend was to tie up loose ends as he prepares for his January enrollment.

"The main thing was I got to see the dorm rooms," Francis said. "I was able to have meetings with academic admissions so I know what I still need to get done, what they have to do, how my school schedule will look, what classes I'll take, how I'm going to move in, when I'm going to move in – basic stuff like that."

Francis, who verbally committed to UNC in February, will move into his dorm on Jan. 7. The 5-foot-9, 181-pound running back from Durham (N.C.) Hillside will then begin taking classes on Jan. 9.

Francis's parents accompanied him on the official visit. They have given their full blessings on his decision – especially following the official visit.

"They love it," Francis said. "It's close to home. They'll be able to see all my home games. That was the biggest thing – they'll be able to come to my games and support me. You can't really do that as much if I went out-of-state, because money doesn't grow on trees."

There are not many colleges closer to Francis's home than UNC. Francis made that short trip Friday night to begin his official visit and remained on campus until Sunday.

"We ate a lot," Francis said. "I can't even stress that enough. I feel like that's probably what took up the most of our time was we ate every hour."

Fellow Durham native T.J. Thorpe, who is currently red-shirting this season, served as Francis's player host for the weekend.

"He came mid-year as well, so he was able to answer some questions that I had about that, tell me how the process was done and how it was for him," Francis said. "So that was real informative."

Most of Saturday, Francis was in Kenan Stadium for the UNC-Georgia Tech, which didn't result in the outcome Francis nor the Tar Heel coaching staff had hoped for.

"The offense obviously did well," Francis said. "It's hard when you score 50 points and you don't win the game. You kind of expect to win it if you score that many points, so I know that was tough on the offense. I talked to Coach [Dan] Disch and he's going to tune it up and make sure he's able to fix it."

The loss was bittersweet for Francis, because his former teammate, Vad Lee, was one of the stars of the game for Georgia Tech.

"Vad was phenomenal in every aspect," Francis said. "It was like watching him again when we played together."

After the game, Francis and his parents went out to eat with fellow UNC commitment R.J. Prince, who was also officially visiting, his mother, and Tar Heel assistant coaches Randy Jordan and Chris Kapilovic.

"We had some of the best steak I had ever had," Francis said. "We were able to watch the Alabama-Texas A&M game, so that kept the conversation going because Coach Jordan coached there so he knew kids on Texas A&M. When one of them did well, he pointed them out and talked about what school he recruited them from. It was a great ending, of course. We had a great time."

Sunday was spent in several different meetings, which included stops with Lou Hernandez, the head strength and conditioning coach, and in the equipment room where he donned the jersey he'll wear.

"I'll be wearing No. 1," Francis said. "Romar [Morris] has 21, so I'm fine with 1. I'm ready to make it my own."

Francis and his parents then had a lengthy meeting with Jordan, who's been recruiting him and will be his future position coach.

"It was basically [Jordan] just talking to my parents about how he can't wait to get me down there," Francis said. "He talked about the offense and how he does things – that was the biggest focus point when him and I talked. He talked about how freshmen are usually impacted, because [UNC] does hand signals and that hurts [freshmen] when they first come in because they are used to plays being ran into a huddle. But at Hillside, we don't get into the huddle either. We run a fast paced offense and use hand signals also."

Despite the recent questions regarding whether current starting tailback Gio Bernard will head enter into the NFL Draft following this season, Jordan didn't discuss how he plans to use Francis particularly early in his career. That question was answered earlier in the process.

"Coach Jordan has always told me that he has no plans on red-shirting me," Francis said. "Whether Gio stays or not, I'll be able to play. He'll need a break every once in a while. Hopefully I'll be able to give him a breather and help the team out."

As is customary on official visits, Francis's stay concluded with a meeting with Larry Fedora.

"He talked to my parents about me getting down there," Francis said."He made sure all our questions were answered during our admissions meetings. We talked the new stuff they're trying to do next year for the program. And then we just asked him random questions."

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