Photo Reel: Jailbreak Screen

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Screen passes are a staple of Larry Fedora's spread offense.

A jailbreak screen is a wide receiver screen in which the player takes a step forward then turns toward the quarterback for the pass while the offensive linemen release up the field to block.

Against Georgia Tech on Nov. 10, UNC faced a 2nd-and-8 from the Yellow Jackets' 23-yard-line. The Tar Heels lined up in a four-wideout set with tailback A.J. Blue lined up to quarterback Bryn Renner's right.

In this first photo, center Russell Bodine has just snapped the ball to Renner. Blue immediately runs right, which draws the attention of middle linebacker Daniel Drummond. Wide receiver Quinshad Davis, closest to the left sideline, has taken his initial step forward and already slammed on the brakes.

Blue's swing to the right sideline has worked; Drummond's shoulders and body are now lined up with the UNC tailback. As Davis works back toward Renner, tight end Jack Tabb runs to block cornerback Louis Young. Note that while four of UNC's offensive linemen release up the field, left tackle James Hurst remains engaged with defensive end Jeremiah Attaochu at the line of scrimmage.

With Young giving Davis a five-yard cushion off the snap, the Yellow Jackets' best chance at breaking up this play is a batted ball by Attaochu. This photo highlights Hurst's textbook cut block, forcing Attaochu's hands down as Renner releases the ball. Left guard Jonathan Cooper, Bodine and right tackle Travis Bond have released up the field while right guard Landon Turner is watching for trailers.

Renner delivers the ball to Davis at the line of scrimmage. Tabb, Cooper and Bond have all blocked Yellow Jacket defenders, while Bodine is running up the field looking for someone to block. Davis is following close behind.

Cooper and Bond have opened a huge hole down the left seam for Davis. The only two defenders with a chance of tackling Davis are safeties Isaiah Johnson and Jemea Thomas. Bodine is still looking for someone to block seven yards past the line of scrimmage.

Bodine focuses his attention on Johnson straight ahead. With Tabb successfully blocking Young down the left sideline, Davis shifts left to hit the hole between his blockers.

Bodine goes for the cut block on Johnson just inside the 10-yard-line as Davis works off his left hip.

Johnson fights clear of Bodine and wraps up Davis at the six-yard line. It's the first time Davis has been touched in 17 yards past the line of scrimmage.

Davis drags Johnson inside the five-yard line...

Before being tackled at the one.

Fedora's primary gripe about this play was Davis not scoring a touchdown.

"He learned a lesson [against Georgia Tech]," Fedora said following the Virginia win on Nov. 15. "He took a screen and got tackled on the one-yard line. I didn't pat him on the back after that one. Then he realized, ‘You know what? I've got to get in the end zone.'"

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