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Jordan Fieulleteau has visited North Carolina, the school he's been verbally committed to since February, countless times during the past few years. Still, though, this past weekend's official visit to the school offered up plenty of new experiences.

"T.J. Thorpe was my host and I was able to get the wide receivers perspective," Fieulleteau said. "I was able to talk to Coach [Gunter] Brewer and find out what I'll need to do, what his expectations are, what sort of mindset I should come in with – I got insight on stuff like that.

"It was good getting to hang out with everybody [and] getting to know everybody even more. I never got that much one-on-one time with the coaches. I was with them pretty much all weekend. It was good hanging out with the coaches one last time before I move in.

"The best part of the weekend for me was on Friday when I talked to one of the head people in the journalism department. They were just telling me I can get into my major when I get there. Mostly l learned about the journalism school and what I'm going to get involved with."

This coming Friday is Fieulleteau's final day at Raleigh (N.C.) Wakefield High School. The 6-foot-3, 197-pound wide receiver will then enroll at UNC on Jan. 6. He compares the official visit to conducting the walkthrough just before someone purchases a new house.

"I've seen the place so many times, but it's good to start moving on with my life and start a new chapter in my life," Fieulleteau said. "It's exciting. I think I'm ready for it."

Most of Fieulleteau's Wakefield teammates will go their separate ways with the lone exception being his twin brother, Justin. Justin has accepted a preferred walk-on spot at UNC.

"It's a great thing," Fieulleteau said. "I would have supported him in whatever decision he made, but I'm glad he's coming with me – we've been together for the last 17 years... Four more years my mom will be able to go to the same place for both of our games."

Besides Brewer, who coaches UNC's wide receivers, Fieulleteau was able to spent a great deal of time with offensive coordinator Blake Anderson, primary recruiter Deke Adams, and Larry Fedora.

"They just talked about getting ready for college and transitioning," Fieulleteau said. "They told me they're excited to have me and that I should come in ready to play, but I'll have to come in ready to work hard because that's what they're looking for – hard workers."

When he wasn't with the coaches, Fieulleteau was usually with Thorpe, who like him played high school football in the Triangle Area of N.C. Fieulleteau and Thorpe shared a high school field only once – a scrimmage before Fieulleteau's sophomore season.

"We hung out a lot," Fieulleteau said. "He told me if I work hard and learn the playbook, then I'll get on the field because Coach Brewer has no problem playing anybody. He was just telling me some of the stuff players do and watch film. He said I should watch a lot of film so that I can learn all the positions on the field so that I can learn the concepts."

Fieulleteau also found out that he'll be wearing No. 88 for UNC.

"First, I couldn't be No. 6 because ‘Tap' [Sean Tapley] is No. 6," Fieulletau said. "Six is my high school number. I knew [Erik] Highsmith was graduating and Hakeem Nicks is my favorite receiver in the NFL and he wore No. 88. I thought, ‘Why not try to emulate [Nicks]?'"

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