AAU Nationals: Other Top Players

There were many other fine players at the AAU National Championships. Some even have comparable talent and potential to McCants, May, Francis et al. Here is list of players that particularly stood out in the games I witnessed.

DeAngelo Alexander - Athletic, polished, good defender and scorer. Had a very strong tournament.

Richard Jones - Athletic finisher and defender who would have started on most any other team at the tournament. Sported a UNC t-shirt during warm-ups.

Julius Lampley - Huge guy (7-0, 260) who probably is not that much different from Brendan Haywood at the same stage. Not particularly skilled or warrior-like, but certainly better than most big man projects.

Darian Townes - UNC coaches kept watching Boo Williams' games. Maybe it was for this guy who was one of only 2 underclassmen (lower than rising senior) on the team. Looks similar to Eddie Griffin and appeared pretty skilled and athletic. Had some good moments on a loaded team. [Editor's Note: Townes has committed to Georgetown]

Keith Brumbaugh - Keep an eye on this guy. He was listed as a 6-8, 195-pound eighth grader. Wish I could have watched him more, but what I saw was sweet. Smooth and versatile wing type player who also exhibited some defensive and rebounding skills.

Justin Gray - Very fine two guard who can fill the basket with threes and penetrate. Worked well with McCants.

Robert Hite, Jr - My favorite sleeper candidate. A tremendously athletic scorer that plays much bigger than his listed 6-1 height. Not afraid to take it to the rack against anyone, including the elite big men. Has serious hops and, to borrow a football expression, his motor really runs.

Gordon Zastow - Doesn't pass the look test until you see him play. Excellent guard in transition who is fearless and crafty. Scored very well at the tournament.

Keith Butler - Pitino regularly watched BABC play, and I think this is the guy, not Francis, that Pitino came to see. Could be his next Walter McCarty with a little work and improved fitness. Moves well and has good quickness and athleticism for a 7 footer. Really can't ask for much more from a high school center who won't go pro.

William Blaylock - Lightning fast with exceptional ball quickness. If he gets the ball out on the break, you can pretty much count it. Strong body and pretty decent defense. Only a rising Junior.

Marshall Strickland - Can't be too far from the elite point guards. Great body, nice size for a point guard, good handle and excellent finisher.

Jamon Gordon - Impressive athleticism with probably the most explosive dunk in traffic I saw all week. Hard worker who is only a rising junior.

Elton Brown - Probably was on track for another MVP performance if his team would have won the championship. He's a big guy who actually seems to like playing down low. He can finish and bang with the best and was the toughest match-up for any team Boo Williams played.

John Gilchrist - Handled a team of stars very well. Knew his role for the most part and did what was needed. Good shooter, quick and active.

Again, there were many other great players and performances, but my detailed focus on a select few hampered my ability to witness even more.

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