'14 DT Sets UNC Return Visit

Ricky Walker, a 2014 prospect, is excited for his return visit to North Carolina.

"I'm going to go back in March for the basketball game against Duke," Walker said. "I'm definitely excited. Not everybody gets to attend a Duke-Carolina game. I definitely can't wait."

Walker, a 6-foot-1, 270-pound defensive tackle from Hampton (Va.) Bethel, camped at UNC last June.

"I was participating in the camp so I didn't get a full tour," Walker said. "So this next time I go visit, I'd like to get the full tour and have them show me around and try to check out what they got. From what I did see, it has a nice practice field, including indoor facilities."

Besides the March 9 visit to UNC, Walker doesn't have any recruiting trips scheduled or anticipated. During this past football season, he attended games at Maryland, Old Dominion, and Virginia Tech.

Just before the holidays, Randy Jordan, who recruits the Tidewater Area for UNC, visited Bethel. He and Walker have kept in regular contact since the summer.

"Him and I talk on Facebook a lot," Walker said. "He asks me my interest and he was trying to get me down for a game. He just asks me a couple of questions trying to get to know me. He told me that next time he visits [Bethel] he's going to bring Coach [Larry] Fedora with him."

In response to his question regarding Walker's interest level, Jordan wasn't disappointed.

"North Carolina is definitely up there," Walker said. "If I was picking today, they'd definitely be top three, but I'm not a senior."

In spite of his favorable feelings towards UNC, Walker doesn't have a firm list of favorite schools. However, he does know of one school that isn't under consideration – Virginia, which is where his older brother, Rijo, is a junior free safety.

"I want to do my own thing," Walker said. "So UVa won't affect me."

Walker plans on assembling a favorite schools list closer to the summer and then taking most – if not all – of his official visits before deciding.

Besides Jordan, Walker has had a couple phone conversations with Deke Adams, UNC's defensive line coach.

"He said he really loved my tape," Walker said. "And he said he really hopes I end up a Tar Heel."

During the June camp, Walker was able to work closely with Adams.

"It was a real good experience," Walker said. "He's a tough guy and he really knows his stuff about D-line."

This past football season, Walker added starting left offensive guard to his Friday night workload. Despite only leaving the field during special teams, he had his best season yet accumulating 70 tackles and 11 sacks while earning All-Peninsula District and All-Eastern Region on both sides of the ball.

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