Roy Williams Visits Wiggins

Roy Williams visited Huntington (W.V.) Prep on Thursday to meet with the nation's top prospect -- Andrew Wiggins.

The goal of the UNC head coach's trip was, in part, to lock up an official visit date for Wiggins. While a date still isn't set, Wiggins told Williams and assistant coach Steve Robinson that he fully intends to take an official visit to Chapel Hill, according to Huntington (W.V.) Prep coach Rob Fulford.

"They spoke with him before practice," Fulford said. "Everybody is just trying to get a gauge of the interest level. They are trying to shore up an official visit. He said he's definitely going to take an official there. It's just banging out a time to do it.

?"We don't have any weekends available until March," Fulford added. "It's not ideal, but he's pretty much committed to taking those visits. I wouldn't anticipate anything going on anytime soon. There aren't any dates for him to take visits."

North Carolina and Kansas attempted to get Wiggins on campus during Huntington Prep's Christmas break, but that didn't work out.

"Everybody was trying to get him to visit during Christmas break, but he went home and didn't want to come back to the States to do it," Fulford said. "We had off for Christmas break and teams were trying to get him to visit during that period, but he didn't want to cut into his family time."

Fulford said Williams left Huntington Prep content that they were going to get an official visit from Wiggins.

"I think they are comfortable with the fact that they are going to get a visit," he said of the Tar Heels.

"Coach Williams said Andrew had said he definitely wanted to take a visit and he would get with me and figure out when that would be possible," Fulford added. "They are trying to work around the schedule."

To go with a visit to UNC, there are two other schools likely to get official visits from Wiggins.

"No dates, but he has basically told Kansas he wants to visit and I think he still wants to visit Kentucky," Fulford said.

"For Kentucky they need it to go later really because they don't know who is going and who is staying," he added.

Wiggins has taken one of his official visits so far. He went to Florida State in early December. He's also visited Kentucky twice unofficially.

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