Williams PC Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes a transcription of head coach Roy Williams's conversation with the media.

Do you have an update on Reggie Bullock?
"Reggie was able to go through about half of practice today. If he doesn't have any headaches, or any recurrence of symptoms that they worry about (with) the concussion, I would expect him to completely practice tomorrow. And if he does the same thing after that, I would expect him to play on Sunday. Everybody uses this term -- 'Cautiously optimistic' is where we are."

Given that Reggie has been limited, is it fair to expect him to be fully back by Sunday?
"That I don't know. If he can practice, doesn't have the headaches, doesn't have any red flags, I'll start him on Sunday because he didn't lose the position by somebody beating him out. He just banged heads with the wrong guy."

Are you any closer to settling on a 5-man?
"No. And I've made the decision that I'm not going to because that gives you guys a free question ever frickin' week."

Desmond Hubert looked comfortable against UNLV --
"That's a good word – he was the most comfortable that he's been the entire time… He went brain dead one time today, but other than that, he's had better practices, too. And right now, I would expect that Desmond will start, unless he makes me mad between now and then, or Joel [James] makes 12 shots in a row or Brice [Johnson] does some good things. You know, I took Brice out and screamed at him like crazy in the game because he loafed back. P.J. saved him by taking the charge in looking at the tape. And then it was a big question mark as to who loafed back the worst, James Michael or Brice. So a lot of it depends on day-to-day."

Does Virginia's offensive pace of play make it more difficult for a young team to defend?
"Yeah, you've got to be more patient. You've got to understand that you have to guard for longer time periods and so our patience on both ends of the court, because you've got to be patient and tough enough to guard for however long you have to and then you have to be patient enough to go down and get a good one on the other end. If you guard for 30 seconds and then go down and take a shot in three seconds and have to come back and guard for 30 seconds, you haven't enjoyed that minute and three seconds. So you've got to do a little bit of both."

On Virginia's pace of play:
"We could all play 30-point games, but what's most impressive is that they guard you. The pace that you play on offense dictates the number of points that the other team has just as well as it dictates the number of points that you have, but they guard your rear end. They get a hand up on every shot, they pack back in the lanes and make it difficult for you to have driving lanes. When a guy gets the basketball, they put great pressure on the ball. So the way they play on offense, that's something that other people could do, but very few people can guard you as well as they guard you on the defensive end of the floor. Now don't come out and say I'm criticizing what the hell they do on offense, because I've had enough of that B.S. over my career."

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