Bart 'Always Wanted' UNC

Mikey Bart, a defensive end from Buford (Ga.), switched his commitment to UNC on Friday. Afterwards, he talked to about his decision ...

Take me through what happened.

"I always wanted to go [to UNC]. I actually wanted to commit there after they offered me [initially], but my dad wanted me to wait a little longer to see if I got any more offers, which I understand. Another spot opened on the D-line and so I've been working things out with Coach Deke Adams. They really wanted me so I gladly committed."

When did Adams inform you that the spot was open?

"I started talking to Coach Adams again probably a month and a half ago. He just talked to me about how they were thinking (there might be) another spot and they wanted me to come if that spot opened up. I was interested, so we kept talking about it. I talked to him about once a week or so – he would call me or I would call him. I'd say probably five days ago, he called me and said they were going to re-offer me and he said he was going to meet me at school on Friday and talk about it some more with Coach [Jess] Simpson and my parents. And I was really interested and I just committed today at school."

Heading into that visit, did you anticipate making a verbal commitment?

"I was definitely anticipating it happening. I thought about it for a good couple of days with my parents. I felt like it was the best decision for me [and] the best opportunity, and I didn't want to let it go."

You only made the one unofficial visit to UNC, do you have plans for an official visit?

"Yea, I'm going to take my official next weekend, Jan. 18."

What are you hoping to learn on this official visit?

"I just want to go there, check it out, [and] meet all the coaches that I didn't meet already. During the unofficial, I saw a good bit of North Carolina. I'm not really looking forward to anything else. I'm just kind of happy to go down there and have some fun."

You've been committed to South Florida, which fired head coach Skip Holtz. How much did the uncertainty there factor into your decision?

"When I committed to South Florida, I was pretty comfortable with my decision. And then their head coach got fired. So I opened things back up and a lot of schools started contacting me again. But nothing too big; schools like Syracuse and Cincinnati – nothing I was too interested in until North Carolina started contacting me again."

Originally, you were scheduled to officially visit USF the weekend of Jan. 18. Are you going to reschedule that visit or visit anywhere else?

"No, I'm not going to visit South Florida or anywhere else."

UNC linebacker Nathan Staub is a former teammate of yours. Have you talked to him about UNC?

"I haven't talked to him recently. I talked to him over the summer about North Carolina. And then after that, I saw him at one of our football games during the season and I talked to him a little bit there but it wasn't really about North Carolina. He called me today during school, but I didn't answer. He left me a voice message saying ‘Congrats on the commitment.' Other than that, I haven't really talked to him."

Just looking back on how everything transpired the last couple of months with you committing to USF, having its coach fired, UNC coming back in the picture, and now committing to UNC, what is going through your mind?

"I've been taking it pretty slow, honestly. Not a lot has happened until this last week. But I've made some hard decisions and I definitely thought about them a lot. But I feel like this is the best thing for me and I want to be a Tar Heel."

How did your senior football season go?

"My senior year went extremely well. I came in second in the county in sacks with 12. I got first team all-state for tight end and defensive end – AJC had me at tight end and then Gwinnett Dailey Post had me for defensive end. I got player of the year for my position in my county. I think I did pretty well."

Position-wise, what is the game plan for you at UNC?

"I'll play the strong-side defensive end."

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