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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what assistant coach Steve Robinson said on the radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

Roy Williams was on a recruiting trip on Monday

On the win against Maryland:
"Well I was in charge of the first half. I think we gave the second half to (Hubert Davis) or C.B. (McGrath) or somebody else…No, it was a nice win and any time you can get a win, we'll certainly take it. We love for our guys to play the perfect game but that doesn't always happen. Again, at the end of the day we'll take the ‘W' and try to learn from it and move on to prepare for our next game. Hopefully we'll play better the entire game as compared to one half."

What was working so well in the first half and what do you need to get better at as far as the second half is concerned?
"I think we were a little impatient on the offensive end of the floor. One of the things after reviewing the game film a little bit was that our first three possessions were one pass or no pass and then a shot. It came up pretty quickly. In the first half, we moved the ball, we shared the basketball and I think we got good shots and open shots throughout the first half. In the second half, they were probably a lot more aggressive. If you notice the foul situation, at one point it was 16 fouls to two or zero. That's just really a sign of their aggressiveness compared to our lack of aggressiveness on the defensive end of the floor. A lot of times when you take bad shots it leads to run-outs or you're not in position and don't have your defense set, which allows them the ability to attack you."

On Reggie Bullock being named ACC Player of the Week:
"It was an outstanding performance. He was on fire there in the first half. Every time he touched it or he shot it I think not only the coaching staff but also the guys on the floor and the guys on the bench all stood up because they knew it was going in. He got on a roll. He just kind of cooled off a bit in the second half or Maryland did a much better job of recognizing where he was at and trying to make sure he didn't get as many open looks as he did in the first half."

Was the crowd in the Smith Center a contributing fact to the win on Saturday against Maryland?
"It was an outstanding crowd for a noon tip-off. We love the atmosphere. We go to some places and play where when we walk in the door they know we're North Carolina and they have their best crowds of the season. It's always great when you're playing at home to have a big and enthused crowd that is really excited. I understand we have to give them something to be excited about and we did as far as the first half goes. I think a lot of us took a nap in the second half including our players but you know that's a part of it."

On Leslie McDonald's third missed game:
"I think he's showing some signs of improvement and getting better, but we didn't have practice today so it wasn't really anything we've gotten from the trainers in regards to that. Right now we're just still waiting to hear. Hopefully he can continue to get better so that he can get back out on the court."

With so many young players on the roster is it tough to develop team chemistry or does that just come naturally?
"I don't think so. I think the biggest thing is the leadership of the players in the program. They have to be willing to help young guys. It shouldn't be a selfish thing. It should be something where for the good of the team we're going to do everything we possibly can to help our team be successful. If that's the case then you help younger players become better players because in return that helps our team win which in return helps you be ahead of the game and helps you become a better basketball player.

"When you come to the University of North Carolina, it's about competition. You're always going to be faced with competition because of the kind of players we are recruiting whether they're behind you or in front of you. You have to learn to compete and do the things the coaches ask of you. I think that will give you a greater chance for success in the program."

On Luke Davis's injury:
"I think they took the boot off the other day. He just started moving around a little bit more without it but I think he's still sore. He didn't practice on Sunday so we still don't have him at full speed. Hopefully he'll be able to do a couple of things tomorrow to determine what happens going forward with him."

Thoughts on the Georgia Tech game Wednesday night in the Smith Center:
"They're getting better. I've watched several game tapes and they have just continually improved. They were beating Duke…They were leading against N.C. State…They were right there against Virginia Tech. They've shown some improvement over the last three to four games in conference play. They have some parts there but they just haven't figured out how to put it all together. Hopefully they won't figure it out on Wednesday night."

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