Barbour Favoring Three

MONROE, N.C. --- Jaylan Barbour has made some changes to his top three favorite schools list.

"Actually now, I'm kind of favoring South Carolina, Duke, and North Carolina," Barbour said, all three of which have offered. "It's kind of like a tie, but I haven't really made my mind up yet.

"The offense they run at those schools, they throw a lot. And I'm a receiver, so that's what I like to hear."

Barbour, a 5-foot-9, 170-pound wide receiver, has been listing UNC and South Carolina as his co-leaders since the fall. It shouldn't be a surprise that Duke has moved deep into the mix because of the pipeline it has established with Monroe High School. Barbour's former teammate Quay Chambers signed with Duke on Wednesday, while Monroe alumni Jamison Crowder and Isaac Blakeney are sophomores on the Blue Devils' roster.

In addition to the pipeline, Barbour has established a budding relationship with his primary recruiter at Duke.

"We talk every week," Barbour said. "He just tells me about the offense and how much they need me.

Barbour also speaks regularly with Gunter Brewer, who recruits Monroe for UNC and is the Tar Heels' wide receivers coach.

"He talks to me every once in a while," Barbour said. "And he messages me on Twitter and tells me to call him sometimes. And I call him every once in a while [on my own], also.

"He says he always wants me down there. That's all he tells me every time he talks to me."

Barbour was supposed to go to the UNC Junior Day in January, but icy weather forced Barbour to stay home. He did attend the UNC-East Carolina football game last fall and is looking to attend the Tar Heels' next junior day.

Besides UNC, Barbour has visited Duke for the UNC football game and South Carolina for the Georgia football game.

Barbour said he is looking into attending junior days at Clemson, Duke, and NC State. Over the summer, he'll accompany his Monroe teammates at Duke's Team Camp and is interested in camps at Clemson and South Carolina.

Barbour concluded his junior season with 50 catches for 600 yards and five touchdowns.

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