Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program this week? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Jones Angell ...

Comments on the Miami loss:
"We need to be more aggressive. We've got to get more shots going to the basket either by dribble or throwing it inside. And somebody's got to be willing to make a post move. At the same time, you have to congratulate them because they tried to play defense without fouling. I mean they are kicking our butts by 800 - why would you foul us?"

Thoughts on James Michael McAdoo's confidence level after a poor outing against Miami:
"I don't know if it affected his confidence. He was 3-for-12. I think all three field goals were in the second half. James Michael had played well. He was 8-for-12 and 7-for-12 in the two previous games. His shooting percentage hasn't been great all year but the last two games things were coming up on a rise. Their defense was really aimed to stop him. You can go back to August - we talked about it the whole time then and in the preseason press conference. How are our guys going to react when the defense is aimed at them? Last year, Reggie (Bullock) and James Michael were the fourth or fifth options and the defense wasn't aimed at them. It was aimed at Harrison (Barnes). It was aimed at Tyler (Zeller). It was aimed at Kendall (Marshall) and John (Henson). Now the defense is aimed at them. It's really difficult because teams in our league are good defensively. If their defense is designed to try to stop your best scorers then you've got to have a really big time night if you're going to be able to do that."

What kinds of things do you look for in practice to help determine playing time?
"I look for a little bit of everything. There's no question it's playing harder, giving the effort and the sense of urgency. It's doing the right things in whatever set we're trying to run offensively or whatever set we're trying to run defensively. If we're trying to run '32' and a guy is still running '22' it's hard to put him in the game. There's a little bit of that. As coaches we feel like honestly that we should not have to coach effort. But so far we're young, we're whatever you want to use. We're still having to coach effort and that's bad. We shouldn't have to coach effort. We should have to coach execution. I mean running our plays properly and running our defenses properly.

"We're talking about doing things properly so you do have to look at a guy and say 'why can I put you in the game if you can't remember your own play.' It's a little bit of that and the other thing is how well you do your job regardless of what the assignment is. There was one time in the game we had a player - if we can't throw it to the strong side, we call it kick back and you're supposed to kick it back to the weak side. That guy is supposed to be a good actor. He's supposed to pretend he's getting the pass and make a V-cut every time. We had a player just standing over there looking. Then all of a sudden I scream and he comes up and we throw to him and the whole bit. It's got to be that you're totally involved. I've said this, coaches don't determine who plays; players do. I really believe that 'til the day I die. If somebody beats out somebody and everybody's got their favorites... 'Well, why don't you play so and so instead of so and so?' Beat his butt out. It's that easy. Coaches have no favorites and that's the easiest way to put it."

Thoughts on the new uniforms worn against Miami on Saturday:
"Nike is a wonderful partner. Our athletic department would not be anywhere near as good as we are financially without them. I love them to death. I went with Nike in 1997. They can get me to wear a little beanie or whatever they want but I am not frickin' wearing any more new uniforms."

Comments on the disparity in performance at home versus on the road:
"Well that's typical for every team, especially typical for a young team. Experienced guys are confident guys and right now…I hate even saying this because we played 20 games but the bottom line is we're still young. They have a ton time handling it on the road. We go to Boston College and we got off to pretty good start. They were ahead and then I put P.J. (Hairston) in we make three or four threes and all of a sudden it went from 13-6 to 29-20 our favor. And the crowd never got into it.

"Same kind of thing at Florida State, James Michael makes a great drive early and scores. Then we get a stop and we come down and score again. The crowd really never got into it. Well, Saturday they got into it. At North Carolina State they got into it. At Virginia we were okay in the first half but in the second half the crowd really got into it. I'm trying to scream a play and the point guard is calling a play and we've got three guys going one way and two guys going the other. It's typical. You look around every league the home team wins more games."

Comments on ways for P.J. Hairston and Joel James to earn more playing time:
"Play better. That's all it takes. Joel has only played basketball three years. Every day he's taking steps forward and he's taking some steps back. P.J. has been playing more and more lately and had the unfortunate thing happen at Boston College where he got banged in the head by Dexter (Strickland) and had the concussion. Three or four games before that he was playing really well and he was able to come back and do some things. I think he's going to be important to us."

Comments on UNC vs. Duke game:
"I think it's the best rivalry in college basketball. They have a great program, great coach, great players, and a great school. I feel lucky to be apart of it and we're going to try to play our tails off and see what happens. I think our team will play better than we did Saturday and we better play better. If not, it's going to be one of those butt-kickings. "We've got to play really well. We've got to make shots. We've got to hope they miss some shots. The biggest thing is that we've got to have a sense of urgency about what we do. We've got to be ready to go in there and play our tails off. I know that sounds corny and everything but you've got to be willing to draw a line in the sand and step across it with both feet and hit somebody in the mouth."

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