Season Opener: Postgame Interviews

The Diamond Heels won their first game of the season 1-0 in a pitcher's duel against Seton Hall. Inside Carolina caught up with freshman outfielder Skye Bolt, junior pitcher Kent Emanuel and head coach Mike Fox after the game.

Skye Bolt

On his scoring the only run on a shallow sacrifice fly by Chaz Frank to left field
"I was looking back at Fox, at the ball and back at Fox and listening for him and he gave me the go and I watched the ball hit the glove because I did not want to leave early. Just gave it everything I got and got on my horse and saw the catcher coming up the line and I wanted to see if I could go inside."

On his highlight catch in foul territory
"Any ball playing right field you will get a lot of balls that have a lot of spin and slice. I got out there and tracked it in. I saw that Stubbs - there was no way he was getting to it and I saw Lassiter backing off and I wasn't really under it. Sometimes you can't do it the right way you just have to make the play. I happened to be in the right spot in the right time and was able to make the catch."

Kent Emanuel

On his performance in the complete game shutout
"I felt like I was there but just off just enough to get a groundout instead of a strikeout I think hopefully later on in the season that is something that will sharpen up."

On his chemistry with junior catcher Matt Roberts
"That was exciting. I was ready to talk with someone about that. Jacob [Stallings] I am going to miss him to death but it was fun having a fresh face out there. I could see us getting on the same page as the game was going on. I'm looking forward to throwing with him this year."

On his pair of pick offs against the Pirates
"The first one I think I picked off two guys today. The first one I just got him on the move and he was taking a secondary lead. The next guy I just got lucky. We just decided to throw a good move over there when he decided to steal on first movement. It was just the luck of the draw. Hopefully we can have that every game. Hopefully nobody will get on base."

Coach Mike Fox

"Lets talk about Kent Emanuel first. Let's talk about Kent Emanuel and the crowd we had today. I've not seen that in all my years. Opening day, complete game shutout. It was incredible. It was an unbelievable crowd. Credit to Michael Beale and all our marketing and promotion stuff. The weather helped and we get some young guys out there for the first game. That is always good to get their feet wet. The story of that game was the two pitchers on the mound. The kid from Seton Hall [Jon Prosinski] was pretty good too. We had a pitcher's duel right out of the gate."

On the importance of the big crowd for his student-athletes
"I think it is exciting. They like to play in front a good crowd. I have to give credit to the folks for coming out. We are at the mercy of the weather, but it is 3 o'clock on a work day. Folks obviously are getting off work and planning on coming to opening day and Michael [Beale] has worked hard along with our baseball atmosphere group and you saw some things today. That was pretty special."

On sending Skye Bolt home on the shallow sacrifice fly
"We had not come close to sniffing a run. We have to take a chance. We may not have another guy at third for a while. I waited until the very last minute. He just said what do you want me to do just that quickly and I had to wait for the very last minute and you are just hoping that it was not a good throw."

On the freshmen getting their first start in Skye Bolt and Landon Lassiter respectively
"They both are good players and have some talent. Now it is just getting used to this. You can see Skye Bolt, he is confident kid and he steps up there in his first at bat against a good pitcher and finds a hole then does it again. He gets the sign and unfortunately we got the wrong pitch on the hit and run with a fastball in and the kid was very quick to the plate there and he almost beat it. The most telling thing with Skye Bolt is the play he made in foul territory. I didn't think anyone is going to catch it and I think it is just going to be foul. He just shows up and drops his glove down there. That is where your speed and athleticism shows up. The game now is pitching and defense. We almost cost ourselves by not making two plays. The first in the very beginning of the game. Landon [Lassiter] was nervous, they were all nervous. You have to get past that opening game and feel that you are confident. They are going to be good players here."

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