Berrios Visits UNC, Meets West

Braxton Berrios traveled to North Carolina on Monday to spend time with Ron West, his new area recruiter.

"[West] hadn't seen campus that much and neither have I, so we took a tour of campus together," Berrios said.

Since West was hired and took over Wake County as a recruiting territory, he's been in contact with Berrios, a 5-foot-10, 170-pounder from Raleigh (N.C.) Leesville Road.

"He had said ‘You need to get over here, I need to meet you, etc.," Berrios said. "I realized that I had school off today. So it was like a perfect-timing type of deal."

Berrios left Chapel Hill Monday afternoon with a positive opinion of West.

"He was cool," Berrios said. "He's definitely laid back. He was how I expected – I had looked him up a little bit. So no surprises there. I'm looking forward to getting to know him a little bit better over the next few months."

Berrios's stay also included a film session with Blake Anderson, UNC's offensive coordinator. The session's focus was the A-back position, Berrios's projected position in UNC's offense.

"We watched about 140 clips of what I'd be doing," Berrios said. "It was very useful. He said they would use me how I'm used at my high school – multiple positions, very versatile. At the A-back position, I'm going to get touches."

After meeting with Anderson, Berrios sat down with Larry Fedora.

"He was basically restating everything that Coach Anderson had said," Berrios said. "He was really making sure I understand what they're going to do with me."

Besides UNC, Berrios has visited East Carolina, NC State, and South Carolina. He plans to make other visits this spring, but has no set destinations.

Berrios maintains his openness to all schools that are recruiting him.

"I'm taking this thing in stride," Berrios said. "I'm not rushing anything. I'm not trying to overwhelm myself with anything. I'm trying to let it come to me – letting the process work itself out."

Berrios will graduate from Leesville Road in December. Thus, he's looking at a fall verbal commitment.

"Nothing's planned yet [and] no exact dates in mind," Berrios said. "I'll know when I know."

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