Hood to Return to Chapel Hill

Elijah Hood has scheduled a return trip to North Carolina.

"I'm visiting March 9 for the Duke basketball game," Hood said. "I can't wait. I've always been a Carolina basketball fan and probably always will be on the inside a little. I'm excited. My mom is a Duke fan – I'm not sure if I should take her – but we're going to have a lot of fun."

Previously, Hood, a 6-foot, 209-pound running back from Charlotte (N.C.) Catholic, attended the UNC-NC State football game, the Fedora Freak Show last summer, and a basketball game last year.

Hood recently released an ordered top six schools list with UNC placing second.

"It's a nice, hometown school," Hood said. "It's real close. I love the coaching staff. It has a beautiful campus, beautiful atmosphere. I have a lot of fun every time I go [there]. I like it there every time I go there."

Despite the lack of a visit to the school, Notre Dame holds the top spot on Hood's leaderboard.

"It's a whole bunch of things," Hood said. "It's kind of propaganda-ish, because [Notre Dame] is everywhere. I hear about it every day, so I'm really comfortable with the program – even though I haven't been there. I know it's a great college and it's a great program. I've talked to the coaches. I've talked to the head coach a couple of times."

In order, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, and Michigan round out Hood's top six. Of those six, he hasn't visited Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. That will change this week as Hood has mapped out a Midwest travel plan that includes stops at all three schools.

"This is a big weekend coming up," Hood said. "I don't know if I'll be close to making a decision [after those trips]. I just think the decision will come when I feel it's right – when I feel 100-percent about it."

Additionally, Hood says that the members of his top six list aren't completely safe from possibly being replaced at some point.

"I won't say they are my final group, but I'd say they're in the biggest lead by far," Hood said. "They've separated themselves."

Last season, Hood led the state in rushing with 3,157 yards and 46 touchdowns as Catholic reached the NCHSAA 3AA Title game. He also made an impact on the limit snaps he saw on defense at linebacker.

"Some schools are liking me at linebacker," Hood said. "But for the most part, they're liking me at running back and I can understand that – this past season I rushed for 3,000 yards.

"I'm starting to like running back more, too. I'm starting to lean towards running back, just because performance and my upside on it."

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