2014 Target: Josh Cabrera

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. --- Josh Cabrera has had a North Carolina offer for quite some time. However, the 6-foot-3, 185-pound wide receiver from Northside High School was unaware of the offer until recently.

Scouting Report

"He's a good, tall receiver," Northside head coach Bob Eason said. "… He's athletic. He has a good forty time – like 4.6 [seconds] – but great game speed. [He has] real soft, smooth hands. He goes up and gets the ball at its highest point. He does everything that you want to see a receiver do. Josh can run a lot of different routes – he can go for the long ball, he's great on the seam, and middle routes. He can also run the ball on jet sweeps. He's a good weapon on offense."

Prep Career

Last July, Eason received a gift that only a football coach would love. Cabrera moved to Jacksonville from Leesburg, Ga. providing Northside with a FBS caliber wide receiver.

"It was karma, because we certainly lose a lot [of players] being a military town," Eason said. "So it's nice every now and again to get one back. And he certainly is a good one."

At Lee County High School, Cabrera earned a starting spot in its spread offense at receiver during his freshman year. He maintained that role upon stepping foot on Northside's campus, but in a Pro-I offense.

"At first I thought [playing in a Pro-I] would be a bad thing," Cabrera said. "But it's actually really good, because I actually get to experience both [types of offense] so I'm familiar with both."

Eason adapted the offense to take advantage of Cabrera.

"We're only going to throw it a certain amout of times a game," Eason said. "We probably throw it a little bit more because of Josh. Last year, we had a quarterback that had a lot of confidence to throw it out there and that's what we did."

Cabrera concluded his junior campaign with 30 receptions for 600 yards and 13 touchdowns. He also had seven interceptions on defense and returned punts.


Duke offered Cabrera before he played a down for Northside. That was followed by a North Carolina offer sometime in the fall – but he didn't know about the offer until recently.

"I wasn't sure about [the UNC offer]," Cabrera said. "I heard that they did, but they never told me about it until [Tuesday]."

The misunderstanding wasn't for lack of effort on UNC's part.

"They've been very diligent in their recruitment of Josh," Eason said. "Coach [Dan] Disch has done a good job. He's a nice guy. He has come down here and brought Coach [Larry] Fedora the one time."

In addition to Disch and Fedora, Cabrera corresponds with Gunter Brewer regularly.

"They just tell me that I have to do research and see if that is the offense I want to be in," Cabrera said. "They want me to see the campus more."

Cabrera made his first visit to UNC in December for a basketball game.

"It was real nice," Cabrera said. "I like the atmosphere and the coaches seem real nice. And it's just a nice area."

This weekend, Cabrera will return to Chapel Hill for the Tar Heels' Junior Day. He'll also attend the UNC-Duke basketball game on March 9.

Virginia Tech has also offered Cabrera, while the rest of the ACC, plus Georgia and South Carolina have shown interest.

Besides UNC, Cabrera has visited Duke and NC State.

"I really like all of them," Cabrera said. "I still have to do more research and see which one I feel more comfortable at."

Extra Notes

Cabrera's father is a marine. Thus, outside of the four years in Georgia, Cabrera's family has moved every three years, including stops in Rhode Island, Okinawa (Japan), and Virginia. Cabrera was actually born in Jacksonville, N.C… Cabrera's first love is basketball and he grew up a Duke fan… Cabrera starts on Northside's basketball team, averaging ten points and seven rebounds.

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