Thompson is High on UNC

CHARLOTTE --- A week after North Carolina's memorable Junior Day, the experience is fresh in Trevion Thompson's mind.

"There was a big difference [from other schools] – no other schools do what they did," Thompson said while attending Sunday's VTO Combine, where he was named the Wide Receiver MVP. "It was something new. That visit was fun. It had so many events planned, such as the interviews and the [cornhole] tournament. It was a fun experience."

Thompson, a 6-foot-3, 175-pound wide receiver from Durham (N.C.) Hillside, struggles to single out one activity from the junior day as his favorite.

"I liked all of it," Thompson said. "From coming in, to being interviewed, to walking the blue carpet, from eating and them having my face on ESPN showing pictures [of me], doing the cornhole, the press conference – it was different. It was a good experience. I really had fun."

In the cornhole tournament, Thompson was paired with Freeman Jones, who would later verbally commit to UNC. The duo reached the finals of the tournament, losing to Avery Edwards and Johnathan Lloyd.

"I had just met [Jones]," Thompson said. "I would say he was the star of our team, because I think he played before. When I first met him, I didn't think he was a kicker. My first impression: I thought he was a slot receiver, especially since I'm a receiver [and they paired us together]. I found out later he was a kicker. But he was the star of the team and I was just catching on and I caught on fast."

To say Thompson "caught on fast" would be an understatement. According to several accounts including Thompson's, during one segment of the finals both he and Edwards sank all three of their beanbags.

"I definitely don't practice at home," Thompson said with a laugh. "Like I said, it was just something that I caught on fast to. It was just me being the competitor that I am, I didn't want to lose."

Most important, the junior day showed Thompson a different side of UNC and its coaching staff.

"It gave me a different outlook on Carolina," Thompson said. "Instead of just being about football and business, they can have fun, too. It gave me a better feeling about them to know that there a kid can be a kid."

Thompson is still reluctant to name favorite schools, but UNC definitely made a noticeable impression with the junior day.

"They're high," Thompson said. "I like the consistency. They're always contacting me. They're always wanting me to come up there and see a practice. Coach [Gunter] Brewer is trying to get me up in the film room so I can learn more about the game. And Coach [Larry] Fedora talks to me on Facebook and Twitter – unlike some head coaches. That's a plus."

Next on Thompson's docket is a return trip to Clemson, as well as inaugural visits to Florida, Ohio State, and West Virginia. Hillside's entire team will attend a seven-on-seven at Notre Dame this summer.

Besides Clemson and UNC, the only other school Thompson has visited is NC State.

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