2015 Target: Reggie Gallaspy

GREENSBORO, N.C. --- Reggie Gallaspy, a 6-foot, 200-pound running back from Greensboro (N.C.) Southern Guilford, ended his first conversation with Larry Fedora speechless - and with his first scholarship offer.

Scouting Report

"He's an outstanding running back," Southern Guilford head coach Darryl Brown said. "He's powerful, but he also has breakaway speed. He has a rare combination…

"When he first got here as a ninth grader, he always wanted to run to the outside. He really has gotten a lot better running between the tackles. He's able to break that initial tackle at the line of scrimmage. And once he gets to that second level, he has enough agility and quickness to make a move on somebody. And when he gets in the open field, he has the speed to run away from everybody."

Prep Career

Following a year on junior varsity, Gallaspy was not only promoted to varsity but became a sophomore starter.

"Even as a freshman we started to see things in him," Brown said. "Physically, he's a lot more mature than most kids his age… He's really strong. We had him in our weight training class as a freshman. He got better every game throughout his ninth grade year and we knew halfway through that season that he'd be a varsity guy for us the next year."

Gallaspy immediately excelled in Southern's one-two-back spread offense rushing for 1,751 yards and 20 touchdowns on 177 carries.

"We'll run some zone [runs] – inside and outside," Brown said. "But we also like to run a lot of power and counter, too.

"He fits into our scheme real well. Having a guy like him that can do different things outside the tackles and inside the tackles makes our offense a lot more successful."

Gallaspy also returned kickoffs and held a reserve role on defense.


While in attendance at North Carolina's February junior day, Gallaspy received his first scholarship offer.

"I got there a little early and nobody was really there," Gallaspy said. "Coach ‘Kap' [Chris Kapilovic] came up to me – I'd never met him before. We talked and got to know either a little bit. Since I was so early, he brought me up to see the running back coach, Coach [Randy] Jordan.

"[Jordan and I] talked, too. He said he had to do a little interview with me to see what type of person I am. He told me at some point during the junior day, he was going to have me talk to Coach [Larry] Fedora, because he wanted to talk to me one-on-one."

After going through most of the junior day activities, Gallaspy was pulled aside and introduced to Fedora.

"He was explaining to me how I'm a good player and how I could make an impact for them," Gallaspy said. "And then he offered me the scholarship.

"It really took the words out of my mouth. I didn't have anything to say. It was very surprising. My mom, she was so happy she couldn't say anything either. I think they were looking for more of a surprise happy type of [reaction], but I couldn't because I was too happy inside. I had that frozen moment."

Unbeknownst to Gallaspy, Brown felt a UNC offer was on the horizon.

"I sent Coach Kap some film starting in the fall and he came by and talked to us every once in a while," Brown said. "And then he called me the week prior to [Gallaspy] going down for the junior day and letting me know that they were probably going to offer when he got there."

Brown says that every in-state school has inquired about Gallaspy, while Gallaspy is also receiving mail from Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio State.

A couple of weeks following the UNC Junior Day, Gallaspy attended Duke's Junior Day. This weekend, he'll visit Wake Forest for the Demon Deacons' Junior Day. He plans to attend several camps this summer including stops at in-state schools as well as Michigan.

UNC left a favorable impression on Gallaspy with the junior day visit.

"What really sparked my interest was their academic program – mostly the academic support center they added onto their stadium," Gallaspy said. "Knowing they are one of the top colleges in education, I know they take their football players' education very seriously.

"Plus, the coaches were amazing. They were nice, polite. They are a good example for me."

UNC along with Duke and Michigan are the schools that are sticking out to Gallaspy.

"I'm a person that worries more about my future than my present," Gallaspy said. "Even if I do make it all the way to the NFL, I'm worried about what happens after. I want to be a radiologist, so I'm looking for a school that is not only going to advance my football career but also my educational career."

Extra Notes

Gallaspy was originally born in Michigan. He moved to N.C. when he was eight or nine years old… Gallaspy grew up a Michigan fan… Gallaspy also runs winter and spring track for Southern participating in the sprints, relays, and shot put. His personal best times include 11.1 seconds in the 100-meter dash and 6.7 seconds in the 55-meter dash.

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