Mutual Interest With UNC, Boone

Although understandably overshadowed by his Woodbridge (Va.) teammate Da'Shawn Hand, North Carolina is also highly interested in Marcus Boone.

"They want to see me in camp," Boone said. "I plan to camp there, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Maryland, and a few others."

Specifically with UNC, its coaching staff is attempting to determine Boone's best position and it believes the camp will provide an answer. At the moment, the 6-foot, 175-pounder is considered an "athlete."

"They plan to have me somewhere on defense probably as a safety in the Ram position," Boone said. "Safety is a natural position for me, so I'm glad that they're recruiting me for that position."

Boone has primarily played safety throughout his football career, but was moved to, and started at, outside linebacker as a junior. He ended the 2012 season with 67 tackles, eight sacks, and four forced fumbles.

That experience has Boone believing he has the ability to play Ram, a hybrid outside linebacker/safety, in UNC's 4-2-5 defense.

Boone has made three trips to UNC, including the football game against NC State and the basketball game against Duke. The UNC-Duke basketball game, which was a part of a junior day about a month ago, was the visit the sticks out the most to Boone.

"It was a lot different," Boone said. "It was well planned out and they had lot of activities and a lot of stuff for us to do that day. We got there really early – about 1 o'clock – and they were able to keep us occupied until the game started at 9 o'clock."

In particular, Boone enjoyed the humor the UNC coaching staff displayed that day.

"The coaches had a fake red carpet entrance and a play press conference," Boone said. "You could tell the coaching staff is willing to have fun, keep things spiced up, wanting to be originally [and] different from these other schools."

Besides UNC, Boone has visited Maryland, Ohio State, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.

With no scholarship offers on the table, Boone is reluctant to anoint favorite schools. However, he says he's "highly interested" in UNC.

"They're amongst my top schools that I'm interested in," Boone said. "When it comes to academics, North Carolina is on the top, because of my career path – they are fifth in the world for business. That ranks them higher above other schools.

"But I want to see how everything plays out with other schools first."

Although they've visited schools together, Boone says he and Hand aren't a package deal.

"In a perfect world, [playing college football together] would be great," Boone said. "But as of right now, we don't really discuss it. We just discuss right now how we plan on leading our high school team to a championship."

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