Stewart Feels at Home at UNC

Isaac Stewart was part of a contingent of Charlotte area recruits who visited North Carolina on Wednesday.

"It was a shocker, because I wasn't expecting them to be there," Stewart said. "When I saw them, it made me feel more comfortable because I know they're from my hometown. It really gave the impression that it was a close to home school."

Those sentiments contributed to UNC's inclusion within Stewart's list of schools that are sticking out. The 6-foot-2, 225-pound linebacker from Matthews (N.C.) Butler also says Louisville and NC State are on said list.

"Carolina really left a good impression," Stewart said. "When I look at a school, I look at what I'm going to do when I leave campus – like how it's going to improve me. Those schools have shown me that they're really good at character building and that if I go there, I'm going to leave a better man than when I came in. And they're pretty established and they have their traditions. And NC State and North Carolina are close to home – I like that, too."

Stewart has visited NC State for a junior day, but has yet to travel to Louisville. He says his next stop will be to Louisville, but is still in the process of working out travel arrangements. He has also visited Clemson.

Prior to Wednesday, Stewart had attended a football game and participated in a state title game at UNC. Neither of those visits were as in-depth as Wednesday's trip, which he made with his mother.

"When we got there, we met with Coach [Gunter] Brewer and he showed us around the facility – we didn't get that the first time," Stewart said. "And then I got a personal tour of the campus on a golf cart. We went around north side of the campus, south side where the dorms are at, and I saw the classes. It was real nice."

During Stewart's time with Brewer, who recruits the Charlotte area, he discussed UNC's strong interest in Stewart.

"He told me that [Ron West] told him that on film I was like a cobra striking," Stewart said. "He just really talked about how he'd like for me to come here."

Despite the inviting nature of the conversation, UNC has yet to offer Stewart. He has, though, collected offers from Appalachian State, Charlotte, Louisville, and NC State.

During the campus tour, Stewart received a real feel for UNC's atmosphere.

"The environment really stood out, because it was a nice day with Carolina Blue skies," Stewart said. "I saw people on the grass having class. It was real peaceful, real laid back. You could really think clearly in that environment.

"The facilities were also very nice – especially the study halls for the athletes. I just thought it was real cool – one of the best that I've seen so far."

Stewart's stay was capped off with UNC's tenth practice of the spring.

"Practice was real efficient," Stewart said. "We didn't really stay long, but from what I saw everything was well-choreographed, well-planned out. I stayed mostly with the linebackers – they stretched, got some work done, and then went to seven-on-seven."

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