Truitt Likes What He Sees At UNC

After making, what he considers, his "first official" visit to North Carolina on Wednesday, Stanton Truitt lists UNC among the schools that are sticking out.

"Just from seeing everything, I definitely love the place," Truitt said. "I got a good look at the academics, as well as the coaching. They're definitely really serious about me – it's really important to me that that's the case. I really like what I saw."

Shortly after receiving an offer from UNC in January, Truitt, a 5-foot-10, 185-pound athlete from Monroe (Ga.), visited Chapel Hill. But due to the brevity of that visit, he didn't consider it much of a visit at all.

"My last visit, I came down pretty late and there were only two or three coaches there," Truitt said. "So I really didn't get to do much."

Along with UNC, Truitt says he's favoring Florida, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

"I like those schools just from when I went to visit and getting to see everything," Truitt said. "I haven't gotten a chance to visit West Virginia, yet, but from talking to Coach Galloway and hearing how I'll be used in the system it sounds pretty good. I know I definitely want to get there and visit and see the place. But the other three, they stick out from seeing practice and seeing the academic side of things."

All four aforementioned schools have offered Truitt a scholarship, in addition to 17 other schools. Arkansas, Kansas State, Mississippi State, NC State, Vanderbilt, and Wisconsin are among the other schools to have offered.

Most coaching staffs are recruiting Truitt simply as an "athlete." Only a trio of schools has specified a position – UNC (A-back), South Carolina (cornerback), and West Virginia (wide receiver).

"I don't have a [position] preference," Truitt said. "Wherever I can get on the field and help my team."

For Monroe Area High, Truitt starts at quarterback in a triple-option offense. As a junior, he accumulated 2,458 all-purpose yards and scored 19 total touchdowns.

Besides Florida, UNC, and Tennessee, Truitt has visited Auburn, NC State, and South Carolina. With his high school on spring break this week, he decided to take trips to NC State and UNC on consecutive days.

"I've been talking to Coach [Ron] West a lot for the last couple of months and he definitely was trying to get me down there," Truitt said. "The more we stayed in contact, the closer I got with him. And I definitely wanted to see practice and everything."

Truitt arrived in Chapel Hill at 10:30 Wednesday morning and didn't leave campus until practice concluded that day. For the majority of the time before practice, Truitt was with West, his primary recruiter.

"I really like him," Truitt said. "I've known Coach West for a while now. He actually recruited for Arizona State before he came to North Carolina. So we actually have a great bond.

"We talked about academics and how they're going to play me in the system. I definitely got a good feel for everything."

Considering his projected position, Truitt shadowed the wide receiver group throughout practice.

"Practice was great," Truitt said. "I liked tempo of the practice. They're very organized.

"I got a chance to talk to Coach [Larry] Fedora. As practice went on, he was sitting with me. He was telling me ‘This is how you would be used' and ‘This is the kind of plays you can make in the offense.'

"I also got a chance to talk to Coach [Gunter] Brewer and watch the way he coaches. All the receivers have soft hands and quick feet, so I know he's been doing a lot of work with those guys."

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