Coach Bunting's quotes from morning practice

Coach Bunting spoke to the media after morning practice on August 8th, and J.B. Cissell reports those comments.

What have you seen from the fullbacks so far, and how is that going?

"That battle has been very good. Richard Moore is probably making the least number of mistakes. He's the number one guy right now."

If Moore is first, are Hedgecock and Faison battling for the second spot?

"Well, that's for right now—today. That could change tomorrow or the next day. It's open competition throughout this camp."

What is the most important thing you need from the fullback?

"Our fullbacks need to do two or three things: number one protect, number two not make mental mistakes—we are going to do a lot of movements, a lot of shifting—and number three I want to see them catch the ball."

What about some of the other running backs like Willie Parker and Andre Williams?

"Andre and Willie Parker have been outstanding in this camp, along with Michael Harris."

UNC has just one 1,000-yard back since 1993. As you watch Willie and Andre, what are your thoughts on the potential of a 1,000-yard back?

"There's no doubt in my mind, before those guys finish, one of them or both of them will be 1,000-yard rushers."

How is the offensive line coming along?

"I've seen them make a tremendous amount of progress with the run game, and in pass protection we are getting better, particularly because of what our defense throws at them in Gary Tranquil's various protections. Every once in a while, we totally screw it up, but most of the time, I think we are getting better and better and better."

How are the young guys coming along?

"It's progressing. I think the offensive line progresses every day. I don't think they've taken a step backwards one practice. Each day they make progress."

Does your emphasis on protecting the quarterback something in general or something that stems from your viewing the film of last year in which you expressed dismay at the extent which Ronald was hit?

"The answer to that question in both. I believe in protecting the quarterback. I know that the quarterback is going to get hit on occasion and he has reads to make to get rid of the ball. There are various protections in the three-step, five-step, seven-step drops involved in this. In the pro's, I've seen quarterbacks take awful beatings, and that's the objective—to hit the quarterback—in the NFL. If you hit him enough, he won't be very effective; therefore, I want the quarterback protected for his own health and the health of our offense."

I know it's still early, but are any of the freshmen setting themselves apart to maybe get some playing time this year?

"I think some of the freshmen that have set themselves apart thus far are Jocques Dumas and Jason Brown. He got some shots with the second group today in part because Adam Metts did not practice. Most of the freshmen are making progress. Some are getting more time than others, but those two are standing out a little bit."

Is Adam Metts OK?

"Adam Metts had a medical situation today with the ozone." [He has asthma and was not allowed to practice.]

What memories stand out from the game-day experience at Kenan Stadium from your playing days?

"That was a long time ago."

What kind of things from that era do you want to see or feel in this era?

"Well, at some point, I want to see people lining the streets and lining the quad as that football team gets off (of the bus) at the Old Well and walks down through that quadrangle. I want to see 5,000-10,000 people in there, rooting those guys on, cheering them on—getting ready for a ball game.

"I want to see people in the stands when [the players] come out to play the game. I want to see [the players] show up early and show up to fight, and I want to see the fans show up to fight for 60 minutes and stay in the stands."

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