Collins: 'I'm A Tar Heel'

Cayson Collins came to Chapel Hill on Saturday with a purpose: to commit to UNC. After doing so, he talked to about his commitment and the reasoning behind it.

Breakdown what happened today…

"I walked in to Coach [Larry] Fedora's office and he was excited to see me. I walked over to him and gave him a handshake. I told him I was a Tar Heel. I didn't say it right, so he made me say it again. So I said, ‘My name is Cayson Collins and I'm a Tar Heel.' He was just ecstatic. He was real excited."

How does it feel?

"It's very relieving. I feel like I got a big weight off my shoulders. I'm really excited about it."

What went behind the timing of the decision?

"I knew I wanted to do it. I kind of wanted to hold off on doing it. But at the end of the day, I kind of figured out that if this was something I really wanted to do then I might as well do it."

Are you completely finished with the recruiting process?

"If I do take any more visits, it's going to be with some of the guys at my school to help them get their name out there. But I'm set. This is where I want to play. I'm happy I've made this decision and I feel like I'm going to stick with it."

How does the UNC coaches see you fitting into the defense?

"They said the inside linebacker at the Will position. I feel really comfortable there. In high school, I've played all three [linebacker positions] and I feel like I can play all three very well. But I feel more comfortable at the Will position, so that's where they want me."

Ultimately, what was it about UNC?

"It was just the atmosphere. It feels like a second home to me. I've been there like six or seven times. Every time I come, I find something different that sticks out. I like the academic aspect of the school and the athletics – there's just so many things that stick out."

What was coach Gunter Brewer's role in the decision?

"He gave me a lot of the information about the academics and athletics. He shared a lot of information about student life and how things would go if I decided to attend Chapel Hill. His role was important."

What role did UNC pledge Robert Dinkins play in your decision?

"His role is interesting. He was the guy that was in my ear when Coach Brewer couldn't be. Him and I have been good friends for a while and to have somebody like Robert who is a good friend and feels so strongly for the school it kind of influenced me. I had my reasons for loving the school and he had his. But he did a lot of the recruiting."

Dinkins is obviously a recruiter. Are you going to be a recruiter now?

"I'm definitely going to do my part. We have a lot of big guys in the Carolina area that can help build this team to a national title contender team. So that's something I want to help with."

Who are your targets?

"Right now, Elijah Hood."

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