ZiggaZoomba Lounge House Rules

(Every Poster & Lurker
in The Zigga Zoomba Lounge will be held
accountable for reading and adhering to
the following "House Rules")

ZiggaZoomba Lounge
House Rules

"The Message Board that the ‘experts' say can never work"

The ZiggaZoomba Lounge was created within InsideCarolina.com to provide a conversational forum on essentially any topic deemed to be of interest to this posting community. While our unifying interest is University of North Carolina Athletics we believe that discussion of other topics can also be amusing, entertaining, and interesting to our posters and lurkers. A "lurker" by definition is someone who visits this site but chooses not to post their opinions. Lurkers are always welcome and urged to "graduate" to active posters. A "definition" of "other topics" can range from barbecue preferences to favorite books, movies, automobiles, hot sauces, etc etc to "you name it" as well as other areas of sports …. Baseball, Track, Olympics, Pro Wrestling, golf, NASCAR, Australian Rules Football, Eskimo ear wrestling, et al. If it involves sports and/or the general human condition you can talk about it here.

We do put a lid on three (3) areas of conversation…

Race ….. Religion ….. Politics

A great deal of experience has taught us that these three subjects simply cannot be discussed in the type of emotional environment we are committed to building and maintaining here. While our ZiggaZappers may permit subjects that are tangential to these areas they will be closely monitored for rising temperatures and closed off before a DANGER point is reached.

(1) Zigga Zappers: Individuals who are "veterans" of message boards such as these, closely monitor the dialogues. If a Zigga Zapper reads a remark he views as inflammatory or "out of bounds"; they are empowered to delete that word, phrase, or paragraph or entire post or even entire thread if need be. Like an umpire calling balls & strikes, their decision is final. Any poster who questions a "zap" may contact the Zapper or the ZiggaBoss by e-mail for further explanation.

No one will EVER be "zapped" for expressing a contrary opinion to that of the majority of this community. Differing opinions are strongly encouraged here …… the primary cause of "Zaps" is the perceived ATTITUDE of the offending poster. If the primary purpose of a remark is perceived as "inflammatory" or a "personal attack" on another poster, the offending comments will be removed. "Zaps" are a last resort in most cases…. We encourage the right of free expression here.

(2) Problem Children: Any message board community of any size will occasionally attract individuals who simply lack the ability to play well with others and are "problem children"…. Such individuals will show up here from time to time. We will attempt to bring them into line with the tone and spirit of this community. If those efforts prove unsuccessful these "problem children" will be banned from this board.

(3) Humor: We recognize that EVERYONE thinks they have an incredibly tolerant sense of humor. EVERYONE also thinks they have "common sense". We respectfully disagree that such is the case. This board will tolerate a broad range of perceived "humor". So long as Race – Religion – Politics are not the basis for "humor" it will be acceptable here.

(4) Inside Jokes: The core group of posters in this forum have "known each other" for a number of months, even years in some cases. They have shared life experiences and common situations. They "know" each other pretty well and their eccentricities. This can be intimidating to a "newbee". Every poster here was a "newbee" at one time. The friendships you witness here were forged here …. In time you too can find friends and commonalties among this community.

(5) The CLAVEN Thing: You will see frequent references to "Clavens" and the Claven Brotherhood. There is a separate link for the expressed purpose of removing the "mystery" surrounding this "spirit" and "culture" that predominates here. We encourage everyone to read this link. This is NOT a secret club or closed society… it is simply a shared camaraderie that many here value quite highly.

6) Changes In House Rules: The managers of this board reserve the right to change, delete, modify the "House Rules" for this board as circumstances and development of this board may require. Notification will be made via a designated thread should any such changes be mandated.


The ZiggaZoomba Lounge is a segment of the InsideCarolina.com message board community and access to this board is subject to the prevailing policies.

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