Around The Bases With Kent Emanuel

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Inside Carolina caught up with the junior left handed pitcher after his complete game victory against Duke - the 25th of his career at North Carolina.

On the importance of going deep in a game being the usual Friday night starter:
"I definitely think it's important. Especially with a day like today where you've got two in one day. Three every weekend. If you can start out just eating up those innings in the first game and kind of save the bullpen a little bit then that's always a help. A lot of the Sunday games you're going to need a lot of guys."

On the tough time of year for student athletes due to exams approaching:
"This is the worst by far. At least for me. I know we've got the last week of class coming up and I've got so much stuff to do. I'm dreading it but I'm going to try and not think about it. I'm going to pretend you didn't even ask."

How's your arm feeling right now?
"It felt the best it has all year. I can't say my arm has felt good this whole year. It hasn't felt fantastic. Today it seemed like we're getting there and each week it's getting better and better so I'm going to hope to stay on the ascent."

How much contact have the MLB scouts had with you so far this season?
"I had a lot of contact with them in the fall and before the season. I think when the season starts they kind of let us go. I know Colin (Moran) is experiencing the same thing. The rumor I've heard is May is when it's really going to pick up so I don't know. I guess we'll see."

On the team's excitement for the Vs. Cancer event on Sunday:
"Yeah we're excited about it. I know some of the guys aren't excited about losing their hair but it's a great cause. I know Duke was raising more money than us to start and now we're spanking them in that category. So we're excited about it. Any time you can do something like that it's pretty cool."

On the success of both Colin Moran and Cody Stubbs in ACC play this season:
"It's awesome. I was saying a couple of days ago how I think our offense is really the difference between last year and this year. Last year we didn't put up 14 runs against midweek teams like we do this year. Anytime you can get production it's awesome. It seems like every week we can make a case for more than one dude to get ACC Player of the Week. It's awesome."

On weekly routine administered by Coach Forbes:
"I guess I'm a little bit of a different animal. Maybe just my frame and I'm able to lift pretty hard. We've got a set weekly workout plan and Coach Forbes has a throwing plan for all starters and the relievers as well. Me personally, after today I'm going to spend these next five days lifting pretty heavily. I'll have my bullpen Monday and prepare for next Friday."

Thoughts on how to approach seeing a batter for the third time in a contest:
"A lot of it is on feel. Obviously, when you have a guy who hits the ball really hard or something you want to remember that for the upcoming at bats or if someone makes a really bad swing on a pitch you want to remember that too. As the game goes on you definitely get a feel for each batter and you kind of get a sense of what you want to throw and where you want to throw it to get them out. That's one of the things I love about being a starter it seems like it gets easier as it goes on."

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