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HAMPTON, Va. --- Rashad Vaughn joined the EYBL circuit this year in search of the biggest stage and the toughest competition. Along with that comes the media spotlight, and after his opening game in Hampton, he talked to reporters about the state of his recruitment ...

Why did you decide to join the EYBL circuit this year?

It's where all the best talent is. There is no other circuit like this one.

What about it makes it feel like the top level?

The intensity, you don't get any games off.

Do you think the best opposition brings the best out of you?

I think it does. You can't step on the court unless you're ready to play or you'll get exposed.

On the recruiting front, what schools do you feel like you're a priority for?

Everybody on my list – I'm looking to narrow my list down soon. I don't have a date for when I'm going to do that but I'm going to do that soon.

Roy Williams recently came to visit with you and your family. Can you talk about that visit – what it was like and how it went?

We sat down as a family, he told us about everything, talked to my family. I liked it, my family liked it, and it was cool.

I heard he brought some rings?

Yeah, he brought some of the rings. It was nice to see the rings, he's got a lot of them.

He try to close you?


What are your thoughts on UNC at this point?

I like them, seeing who is coming in. And when I went down to the Duke game I liked the visit there, too.

How do you think you'd fit in there?

I think I'd fit in well. They've already got Joel Berry and Justin Jackson and I think I'd fit in there well too.

You have any news for us about where you'll be playing high school ball next year?

No, not right now. … Can't confirm that right now.

You talked about playing on the EYBL because it's the best competition. Will that be what you'll consider with your decision of where to play high school ball next year?

Yeah, it is. Wherever the best is playing at, to play against the best, that's what I'll do.

If you're willing to go away from home for high school, is that telling about what you'll be willing to do in terms of choosing a college?

Yeah, being away from home is not really a factor. When you've been playing AAU since third grade, you're always away from home.

Can you talk about what other colleges have been in to see you lately?

Baylor and Kansas were supposed to come in, but my flight home got delayed. And that's about it.

How many schools total have scheduled in-home visits with you?

North Carolina, Baylor, Kansas and Minnesota.

Who are going to be the people that will help you with your decision – whose opinions will you value for that?

My parents and my coach, who is more like a mentor – Coach Kaffey. He's been with me since fifth or sixth grade and works me out all the time.

You mentioned the in-homes that have already been scheduled. Are there any more that will be scheduled soon?

I don't really know. My parents do all that and then let me know who is coming in the day before.

Can you speak more to the role your parents are playing in your recruiting process?

They talk to the coaches. Coach Kaffey has been on some visits with me and my dad has been to a couple. But when it's time to take officials, everybody will be coming.

So you do plan on taking official visits before making your decision?

Yes. I don't have any scheduled or anything like that, but I'll probably take them in the fall and then decide during the high school season.

What advice has your parents given you about the process?

Just go where you feel, get to know all the coaches, see who you'll be playing with, and stuff like that.

Have they encouraged you to slow down the process and not make an early decision?

They want me to stick to the plan – the plan was always to commit sometime during my senior year. But they say if it ever really, really feels right, then I can go ahead and do it, but we're going to wait.

Do your parents need to visit a school before you choose it?

Yeah, I want to make sure my parents get down there before I commit anywhere.

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