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HAMPTON, Va. --- North Carolina has made it clear during the first two weekends of the EYBL circuit that Devin Booker is a priority recruit in the 2014 class.

Check the stands during one of Booker's games and it's a safe bet a Tar Heel coach will be in attendance. The UNC staff watched three of his games last weekend in Los Angeles and have been present for all of his games so far in Hampton this weekend. Specifically, Roy Williams has watched Booker three times in the last eight days.

The interest level is also evident in the regular communication between the Tar Heel coaches and the Moss Point (Miss.) shooting guard.

"North Carolina, we text on a day-to-day basis with Coach Robinson, that's what I do, and then me and Coach Roy will talk on the phone at least once a week," Booker said. "Last week me and Coach Roy talked on the phone."

Roy Williams visited Moss Point High School last month to extend a scholarship offer. For a roster that projects to lack wings in 2014-15, Williams aimed to secure two wing prospects from the junior class.

"They have a lot of wing spots open," Booker said of UNC's roster in when he will enroll in college. "They got the point guard, Joel Berry, which I like his game a lot, and then they got Justin Jackson. They have a two guard spot open so I can understand why he's going after a lot of wings."

Several weeks before receiving the Carolina offer, Booker made his first visit to Chapel Hill. Fast forward two months and the Tar Heel tradition still resonates with him.

"It was really nice," he said. "I liked seeing the history of North Carolina. I got to visit the museum. You always hear about the history of North Carolina but actually seeing it means a lot more."

UNC is one of seven schools on Booker's current list of favorites, along with Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State and Missouri. All have offered and all have received visits already except for Kentucky.

Head coaches from Michigan, Florida and Kentucky were at Booker's school this past week, though it appears his college decision is still a ways off.

"Right now I'm just going to enjoy it a bit until the summer is over - that's when I'll start narrowing it down," he said. "I've enjoyed every visit, loved the atmosphere in every place, so it's going to make it a tough decision.

"I think I'll go back and visit five schools (officially) in the fall."

The only way that timetable will get moved up, Booker said, is if the Class of 2014 shooting guard dominoes start to fall beforehand: "I don't know if it's going to happen or not, but if a lot of kids in my position are picking schools that are recruiting me that's going to mix it up a bit."

In the meantime, Booker is evaluating his opponents on the EYBL circuit, eying the best potential college teammates – specifically point guards.

"You want to go in with people you like playing with," he said. "Around the circuit you get to see people's games and I pick out people I'd like to play with.

"I like Tyus Jones, Tyler Ulis from Meanstreets, and like I said, Joel Berry, he's a nice point guard too."

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