Signee Update: Ryan Switzer

North Carolina signee Ryan Switzer will enroll in a couple of weeks, but he's already thinking beyond that.

"Right now, I'm sticking with Exercise and Sports Science [as an academic major]," Switzer said. "But my major is going to be football. I'm going to make it to the NFL."

Technically, Switzer's last day at Charleston (W.Va.) Washington High School is May 3. But with his only final on May 1, that's the last day he needs to attend school. He'll move into his dorm at UNC on May 10 in time to enroll in class for the first summer semester (most of the other incoming freshmen will enroll for the second summer semester).

Outside of finishing up his classes strong, since signing with UNC in February, Switzer has been concentrating on training for his Tar Heel career.

"My focus is to be in the best shape that I possibly can, going in," Switzer said. "I want to be in the best shape out of anybody when I get there. I just want to go there, work hard, keep my mouth shut, and try to help this team win. They've proven that they can win without me, but I think I can be a decent asset."

Judging by the hints they have dropped, the UNC coaching staff not only agrees with Switzer, they believe he can be an asset sooner rather than later.

"The only thing they said was: by the South Carolina game, they want me at 180 [pounds]," Switzer said.

Additionally, when the UNC coaches and Switzer discussed jersey numbers, they steered clear of numbers worn by any other member of the football team – not just offensive players – so that it wouldn't conflict with Switzer contributing on special teams. Desiring the lowest digit(s) possible, Switzer, who has worn No. 7 for much of his football career, settled on No. 11.

"It's fortunate for me, because of two things: my buddy, Bruce Irvin, who plays for the [Seattle] Seahawks, wore 11 in college; and then 7-11 kind of rhymes," Switzer said. "I'm hoping that after this season I can get back to No. 7. But the number doesn't make the player."

Switzer has caught all the hints the UNC coaching staff has dropped.

"I feel like if I'm not in the rotation getting reps, then I've done something wrong and it's my fault," Switzer said. "They're going to give me every chance to make an impact really."

Switzer has been following the workout regimen UNC sends all of its signees and is heading into its 12th Week.

"After school, Monday through Friday I'll lift," Switzer said. "I lift with a couple of seniors who are going on to play Division I football as well – three or four of us lift together.

"I have a trainer that I go to on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So Mondays, Wednesdays, [and] Fridays are usually double up training days for me. The reason I'm with my trainer is to make sure I don't lose my speed and to stay in-shape."

Switzer, who played his senior season at 170 pounds, is now in the 178-179-pound range with an estimated 4-percent body fat. The other day, he maxed out on the bench press at 285 pounds.

"I'm comfortable at this weight," Switzer said. "I'm still very versatile and can move. I'm actually a lot faster now that I have this weight on me than I was previously."

According to Switzer, three true freshmen – all of which have been on campus since January – will be his roommates when he arrives in Chapel Hill in a couple of weeks – Jordan Fieulleteau, Khris Francis, and Mitch Trubisky. He has remained in contact with all three since their enrollment.

"It's crazy that we all have such a great relationship right now," Switzer said. "I can already tell that those guys are going to be my boys for the rest of my life. So I'm fortunate to room with guys like that."

Switzer was on hand for UNC's Spring Game, where all three of his soon-to-be roommates played significant roles.

"They all looked good," Switzer said. "It shows you that you're going to have an opportunity to go in there and play right away. It's going to be an adjustment – the game is faster, the guys are bigger, stronger. But Jordan and Khris and Mitch have already made it. Khris looked great. Mitch looked comfortable out there.

"And I don't have to say anything about the first team offense – those guys are cooking. Quinshad [Davis], if he's not on the Heisman list, something is wrong. There are a lot of weapons and some of them didn't even get to play – [T.J.] Thorpe, [Eric] Ebron. It's going to be a fun."

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