Signee Update: Mikey Bart

Outside of football and his academics, North Carolina signee Mikey Bart's priority when he arrives in Chapel Hill on June 15 is to find a quality fishing spot in the area.

"Coach Vic [Koenning] told me about Jordan Lake," Bart said. "He said it's about ten miles away. I'll probably try to go over there.

"I like to fish and I've been doing that a lot between finishing up school and working out."

After his senior football season at Buford (Ga.) concluded, Bart eased up on his workouts – the defensive end took a few weeks to rest from the rigors of the season. After that break, he has worked out every weekday.

"Buford does a lot of the same things that North Carolina does," Bart said. "But we don't do as many reps, because we only have 45 minutes to work out. But everything that's in the packet that North Carolina sent me is covered Monday through Friday."

At the beginning of his workouts, Bart weighed in at 242 pounds. He says he's now up 253 pounds at 6-foot-3.

In addition to his time in the weight room, Bart elected to not play baseball this year (he has played baseball every prior season) to partake in speed drills with the Buford football team.

"I was already pretty fast for my size, but I just feel like I'm a lot quicker [and] a lot faster," Bart said. "My coaches see it [and] I see it. And it didn't take too long, either."

Bart says he still communicates with someone from UNC every other week. Since Deke Adams, who departed for South Carolina, spearheaded Bart's recruitment, most of Bart's contact now is with Keith Gilmore, Adams' replacement. However, Bart does speak to Koenning, also.

"They just talk about summer plans and make sure my grades are all good," Bart said. "They are making sure I'm working out and staying in shape."

While in town for UNC's Spring Game, Bart met Gilmore for the first time.

"I like Coach Gilmore a lot," Bart said. "I think I actually like him more than Coach Adams. He seems really laid back. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with him and we're going to get a lot accomplished.

"He told me – and he said he told all the other freshmen too – if I play hard, he's going to play the best guys," Bart said. "It doesn't matter if they are freshmen – if they can come in an contribute, then they'll contribute."

Bart saw that philosophy in play during the spring game when true freshmen Jordan Fieulleteau, Khris Francis, R.J. Prince, and Mitch Trubisky saw significant reps.

"Seeing that got me excited," Bart said. "The players in my class were making big time things happen. Hopefully when I get there I can follow in their footsteps."

Bart hasn't talked much about potential jersey numbers with the UNC coaches, but hopes to sport a number in the 40s. He wore No. 44 in high school, but Junior Gnonkonde currently wears that.

Academically qualified through the NCAA Clearinghouse, Bart has already begun to select his classes at UNC and has settled on a major – Business Administration.

"My dad owns a couple of Zaxby's Restaurants," Bart said. "So I wouldn't mind to do something with business."

Bart has talked about rooming together with fellow incoming freshmen Lucas Crowley, Brad Henson, and preferred walk-on Garrett Hudson. At least for the summer, though, Bart says he has already been assigned to a room with sophomore Caleb Pressley and red-shirt freshman Jon Heck.

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