Signee Update: Donnie Miles

Signee Donnie Miles is receiving a clearer picture of how he'll be used at North Carolina.

"[Vic Koenning] is not sure if I'll play the safety or the Ram," Miles said. "I think they want to wait until I'm on campus to decide, but I think he's leaning more towards the Ram because he said that he kind of wants me to play Ram."

Defensively, Miles, a 5-foot-11, 208-pounder, has primarily played cornerback for Suwanee (Ga.) North Gwinnett. However, later in his senior season and during parts of his junior year, he saw time at a position very similar to UNC's Ram.

"At my high school, we call it a Rover," Miles said. "But it's basically the same job. I'm pretty familiar with it."

Koenning, who speaks to Miles every other week, has also told Miles that there's a very good chance that Miles could see the field as a true freshman.

"He told me to come in and be ready to compete for a spot," Miles said. "I think if I come in and compete and do what I know I can do, I'll get on the field. But we'll see once I get there."

In preparation, Miles has joined Georgia Sports Performance, a gym that specializes in athletic training.

"The guide that does my workouts at GSP has set it up so that it is basically the same workouts [as the one UNC sends to its signees]," Miles said. "All the lifting is the same. And the conditioning we do on the field before we lift, there's a lot of skill training also. So I actually do additional football related stuff, also. I'm working on stuff with my footwork that I didn't do when I was in high school."

Miles says that he has added six pounds since the end of the football season.

"I feel like what I weigh now is good," Miles said. "I talked to the coaches about it and they said I'm good where I'm at now. When I get in, they told me they can work on my weight. They told me just to be in shape when I get in there."

Back when Deke Adams was a part of UNC's coaching staff, he and Miles discussed jersey numbers. At the time, Adams though Miles would be able to continue to sport his high school number, No. 1, at UNC. That number was recently vacated by Gene Robinson's graduation.

Miles, who says he's academically qualified, plans to arrive at UNC on June 17. He has discussed rooming together with fellow incoming freshmen Desmond Lawrence and Brian Walker.

"It's still shocking to me a little bit that I'm going to be in college in a month," Miles said. "But I've been so busy with working out and being ready that I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about it. I feel like it won't be real to me until I step foot on campus."

Miles is considering majoring in business at UNC.

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