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Future Tar Heel Brad Henson, an offensive lineman from Toms River (N.J.) Monsignor Donovan, is filing regular journal entries at leading up to his UNC enrollment in June.

Coach Kap
Posted by Brad on May 16, 2013

I had a great relationship with Coach Dave Duggan, he's a great guy. He was great throughout the whole process and stayed on me. Obviously, I wasn't happy with him going to Southern Miss – especially since it happened right when I committed – but I knew it was the best move for his family and he had a great job opportunity.

Offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic -- "Coach Kap" -- taking over my recruitment was a blessing in disguise, because I didn't know him that well. I got to know him a little better on my official visit and I got a good feel for him, but when he started to make visits to my house and became my recruiting guy that really allowed me to connect with him better and understand him better as a person.

I had already seen my main recruiter leave at Virginia when I was committed there, which contributed to me looking around. But when Coach Duggan left, I just realized how comfortable I was with Coach Kap. There wasn't really a drop off between when Coach Kap took over my recruitment and it ended up being the best thing because I realized the benefits of getting to know the guy that's going to be coaching me.

The first time I met Coach Kap, I was kind of intimidated by him because he had this presence about him that he's one of those guys that would get after you. But once I got to know him better, especially off the field, I realized that he's a real good guy and he has a great sense of humor. He'll rag on you a little bit.

But when it's time to go out to practice, he changes.

I remember when I was down there for the spring game. I went over to the football building, because I was going out to practice with him. He was pretty laid back and he was joking with the recruits and messing around. And then he went to go get ready for practice and I waited for him. He came back with his practice gear on and you could tell that his mind was in a completely different place. He becomes almost a different person when he goes out to practice – he's focused in a whole different way. He wasn't really talking to me as we were walking down to the field – he was just really, really focused on what he was going to do in practice and how he was going to coach the guys up.

I was really watching him out there work and you could tell he's a great coach. He'll definitely get on you if you're not doing the right thing. But he'll never personally tear up a guy – it's always constructive criticism. But he will let you know if you're doing the wrong thing.

The really big thing with me in looking for an offensive line coach was I knew you need a guy like that. You need a guy that's going to get after you when you're doing the wrong thing.

The biggest fundamental key, I think, to offensive line is emphasizing urgency. And I think he definitely has a way of pulling that out of his players. All his guys go out there and have a purpose in mind and they know what they're doing. Even if they aren't 100-percent certain on their assignment – which is going to happen to anybody because its college football and plays get kind of complex – he has instilled in them that as long as they're going 100 miles-per-hour and they pick something else to do the plays will still work.

In my personal opinion, I think he's the best offensive line coach in the country. He had guys from Southern Mississippi go into the league – I think one of them got drafted. He has a guy on the Atlanta Falcons right now that's starting, Lamar Holmes.

The biggest thing I've noticed with him is that he makes average players great. I knew he was the coach that could really push me to be the best I could be and that's what I need. He definitely played a key role in my recruitment.

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