Berry, Jackson on Pinson

EAGAN, Mn. -- Theo Pinson's commitment was welcomed news for Joel Berry and Justin Jackson.

The two future Tar Heels are both familiar with Pinson, having played with and against him at camps and tournaments the last two years.

"(Theo's commitment) brings a great player and a great guy (to North Carolina)," Jackson said. "I know Theo from USA Basketball and then just through the circuit. He's a great guy and I'm looking forward to playing with him. " As a point guard, Joel Berry is excited to add another capable wing and he broke down Pinson's game.

"It means a lot (to add Theo). It gives us another weapon on the wing. I played with Theo at USA and I've played against him," Berry said. "He has a high IQ for basketball. His shot is going to come sooner or later; he will improve on it a lot. But, I mean, rebounding (is a strength) and he can score whenever he wants to. He's just a hustle player, especially on defense. That gives us a big lift in the 2014 class with Justin."

Berry also noted that Pinson is a personality match.

"I'm very excited because not only is (Theo) very talented at basketball, but he has great character and great personality and I can't wait to get on the court and play with him," Berry said. "We text each other. We talk to each other when we see each other around here (at the EYBL); we joke around. When I first met him at USA he just had that welcoming attitude about him. He welcomes you and he's very open. I just love that about him."

As a fellow wing player, Jackson believes he'll fit well playing alongside Pinson.

"I think we complement each other very well," Jackson said. "He's really athletic. He's a great all-around player but I think our offensive skills (and) our defensive skills really go together."

Berry foresees the benefits of having that tandem of wing weapons at his disposal.

"I have a high IQ for the game, so it's just getting them the ball," Berry said. "It's awesome as a point guard to have guys like them around you and it makes my game easier to show people that I'm a true point guard. I'm glad those two are going to be on my side."

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