UNC-CC: Mike Fox Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes transcript excerpts of head coach Mike Fox's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Canisius on Friday.

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Opening statement::
"Well, a really tough hard fought win for us. Very, very impressed with Canisius. They gave us all we could handle and you know we just grinded out a win."

On Benton Moss' performance:
"Benton did not look comfortable right out of the gate. Not quite sure why just couldn't locate really any pitch there for a while and getting behind guys. They do look at the ball good. He just didn't get into a rhythm. I thought after we got some runs and he got out of the second or third inning. We told him that his teammates took him off the hook here a little bit as he would have been out of the game earlier if we didn't have a 3-run lead and you kind of used that to help you. It is just one of those things and he's not been in that situation before and he has to pitch for us again here at some point hopefully."

On running into outs:
"Well that was me waving them around third. I wrote on the back of the lineup card to be aggressive tonight. I should have written don't be aggressive. I would send Landon again on the ball to the second baseman that he bobbled. I thought that the ball kicked behind him a little further than it did. If I had it all over again I would have held ... I had so many of them thrown out at the plate [laughs] - Zolk with Chaz coming up. We run on a 3-1 count a lot because we trust our guys to take ball 4 or put strike two in play and that didn't happen on time. That is the way it goes."

Brian Holberton

On completing the first game:
"It was definitely important come out and get a win but I think out team was a little nervous coming in. Not just nerves but jittery. You can kind of feel it throughout the dugout. Once we got a few runs and settled down a little bit later during the game. I think we will be fine from here on out."

On Trent Thornton's strikeout to end the bases loaded threat in the top of the 8th:
"I think that was the turning point probably, hopefully from here on out. As soon as Trent got that out you could feel the dugout completely changed. We came out and had the momentum the whole game changed after that pitch."

Chaz Frank

"It was a little frustration when we got runners on base. But, at the same time it was a good thing that we were getting runners on base. We were making aggressive plays trying to score runs and they really make good throws to the plate and caught us running."

On feeling pressure in the first game:
"I think you always do, later in the game you feel pressure. Trent being the pressure-player, he delivered for us. We have bases loaded with one out and gave us two big strikeouts. We're the #1 team and we're the number one seed and have the target on our back. Everyone's going to give us their best shot. That comes with a little pressure with that. This team has been strong all year and we stepped to the challenge."

On playing in a close game before getting insurance runs in the bottom of the 8th inning:
"That is really key for us. We could have come out and steamrolled Canisius but it was good that we didn't and we could have a close game and so we can have that confidence. We will need that down the road that we can play in a tight game and we can hand the ball to Trent and go right after them and that was pretty important for us."

Trent Thornton

"Well coming in relief you don't really want to get the bases loaded so it was good to kind of slow the game down once the bases were loaded and get the those two strike outs so we could get out of that inning and get the offense going. Well I was speeding the game up and that is not what you want that late in the game. So I took a deep breath off of the mound and just collect yourself and go after them.

"It was a big pitch to get us back in the dugout so we could start swinging bats. It was just good to get off the field and still have the lead."

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