UNC-FAU: Mike Fox Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes excerpts of head coach Mike Fox's postgame press conference following UNC's loss to Florida Atlantic on Sunday.

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Opening comments:
"Well, the good news is that we get to play again tomorrow night. We are going to focus on that and try to put this one behind us as quickly as we can and be ready to play tomorrow night."

On losing when outhitting FAU 12-3:
"Well, I don't focus on the hit column. They got the big hit that gave them the three run homer. That is a unusual to look at that and see that many hits, but theirs was a big one. I'm glad they got two more -- it would have been very frustrating looking at the box score with them winning the game with one hit. I have never seen something like that before."

On what to expect from his team tomorrow:
"Well, this club has pretty much led themselves all year and as everyone knows we have not lost two games in a row all year long. So we will focus on that and I trust my team and we have some good leaders in there and I'm sure they are not very happy and we do have another game to play. So it will be up to them and us and everybody to shake this one off and come into the ballpark tomorrow ready to play."

On whether something is wrong with Colin Moran or Skye Bolt in this regional:
"I don't know. I don't know. It's unlike Colin. I have not seen Colin swing at first pitches five times maybe all year long. So that tells you just watching -- a little anxious, trying to do too much. Hitting is the most difficult skill in sports. And when it is not going your way you press a little bit and you try too hard. I can't fault him for trying too hard. He'll be better tomorrow."

On removing Hobbs Johnson from the game before he gave up a hit:
"A little bit we thought he lost his release point. To us walks are the same as hits. There are people on base. You can't focus on the fact that he had not given up a hit. Walks are like hits. We thought with four righties coming up we would bring Trevor in and try to get some sliders and sinkers in there and get some ground balls there and if we get into a situation where we need to defend a bunt he is one of our better athletes and can field a bunt. It just didn't work out."

Who is starting on the mound for game 7 on Monday?
"Chris Munnelly."

On if this game felt like the first loss last year to St. John's:
"No, that was last year. This is a new team and a new year and we are one win away from our next goal and that is what we have to focus on and what we will focus on."

Chaz Frank

On being stranded on base:
"As a leadoff hitter and a senior it's my job to get on base. I really can't think about what the guys are doing behind me. I just have to focus on my job and try to get on base. I really can't think about what the guys are doing behind me. I just have to focus on my job and try to get on base. It was just a tough night for us. We left a lot of guys on base and hopefully we can do better tomorrow."

FAU Head Coach John McCormack

Opening comments:
"I thought that was a fabulous college baseball game by both sides. We were fortunate enough, or Ricky was fortunate enough, to hit the home run. We capitalized on an error and a walk and hit the home run. But I can't say enough about our guys who pitched really, really well, played very good defense. Just gotta do it all again tomorrow."

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