Heels Hold Big Lead For Edwards

As he promised, Avery Edwards has announced a favorites list. As a bonus, the 6-foot-5, 220-pound tight end from Raleigh (N.C.) Ravenscroft has also anointed a leader.

"I have a top six and a leader, basically," Edwards said. "My leader is definitely UNC by far. And then my top five would be Virginia Tech, Duke, Louisville, Arkansas, and Florida State. Florida State just offered a couple of days ago, so I'm definitely going to keep Florida State in the mix.

A dozen schools ended up offering Edwards a scholarship at some point during the recruiting process.

"With those six [favorite schools], No. 1 my first interaction with the coach or any of their coaches we connected – it wasn't an awkward conversation. And all of [those schools] excited me in some way about their football program and their university. All of them are winning programs that are on the rise. Most of them went to bowl games."

Not only is UNC a leader, Edwards has described the Tar Heels as a "leader by far."

"I think UNC offers a lot of stuff that I fit with," Edwards said. "They fit me well. With their offense, I fit their schemes.

"I fit their coaches – they're young, they're enthusiastic, they get on their players, they push their players, they make them better and I think that's what I need. I'm not saying I need somebody to ride my butt, but I need someone there to make me better and push me through things that I'm struggling with. All the schools have coaches that will do that, but I think with UNC with Coach [Larry] Fedora, [Walt] Bell, [Blake] Anderson I think they are all great guys, great coaches.

"And I think their program is definitely on the rise. I know the scandals have kind of knocked them out of the spotlight, but in the NFL Draft they had a lot of players drafted. I just think that's a great place and where I can fit."

Edwards' next step is to continue with recruiting trips. He's eyeing his first visits to Arkansas, Florida State, and Virginia Tech, as well as return trips to Duke, Louisville, and UNC.

Specifically with UNC, Edwards isn't sure when he'll return to Chapel Hill, but he's considering the Fedora Freak Show.

"I know I'm going to visit sometime soon," Edwards said. "I might bring some more of my family along so that they can see what I like and why I like it and get to meet all the great coaches there."

Edwards' goal is to make a verbal commitment before the end of the summer. However, that pledge could occur at any moment.

"I want to get around these other schools and give them a shot and see if they have something that excites me or sparks something in me that would make me want to go there," Edwards said. "But if I visit UNC one day before I get to go elsewhere and everything is right and all the stars are aligned, then I'm not going to hold back a verbal commitment just to visit these places."

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