1-on-1 With Tyler Powell

On Monday night, Tyler Powell committed to UNC. On Tuesday morning, he made his first visit to Chapel Hill. Following that 24-hour whirlwind, he spoke to InsideCarolina.com about his decision, his visit and his plans on the field.

Take me through what happened the last three days.

"They offered me Saturday night and I was excited and went home and talked to my parents. I was trying to get down there on Friday before the Freak Show so that I could see the campus. The more I thought about it – it was one of my dream schools from the very beginning – the more I knew I wanted to pull the trigger. So I just decided to do it [Monday] night."

Before Tuesday, had you ever visited North Carolina?

"No I haven't."

How did North Carolina become your dream school, especially since you live in Virginia?

"I've always been somewhat of a fan of UNC ever since I was little. It's only two, two-and-a-half hours away from home. And then its reputation for putting out defensive linemen into the NFL is second to none. And then everything I've heard about the campus and the facilities impressed me. One of my really good friends is committed there to play baseball [Hunter Williams], so I hear about UNC from him all the time. It was up there on my list from the very beginning."

What role did Walt Bell play in committing?

"I've had a pretty good relationship with him from the beginning. He's very up front – a very straight forward guy. He let me know throughout this whole process how stuff was going and where I was on their board."

Did Bell give you any indication on why UNC offered you when they did?

"Just because of their limited scholarships, they had to be very careful about who they were going to offer. They wanted to make sure they got the best guys. They have been recruiting me and they decided they were ready to offer me."

What other schools had offered you and were you considering?

"I had some big offers, so I was looking into Michigan State and I really liked Wake Forest, I really liked Duke, [and] I really liked West Virginia. I got to really visit a lot of places."

Are you going to continue to visit other schools?

"I'm done with visits. I'm done with the recruiting process. The only place I am going to be checking out is North Carolina and I'll be there Saturday."

How did the Tuesday visit come about?

"I was going to go down there on Friday and I was going to be going somewhere else [on Tuesday]. But I decided not to do that. I just asked Coach Bell and Coach Fedora if it would be okay if I came down there [on Tuesday]. So we just drove down there."

What did you mostly do while you were on campus?

"Coach Bell took us around campus – gave us a tour. I saw the different parts. We got to go through the football building, the academic buildings. I got to talk to some of the coaches and hung out with Coach Fedora for a little while. It was a lot of fun."

Now that you've visited, how do you feel about your decision?

"It completely confirmed my decision. It solidified how I felt before. It was incredible there. The campus is beautiful. The facilities are the best I've seen. And I connected really well with the coaching staff."

Tuesday was the first time you've met Keith Gilmore. What were your impressions?

"He seems like a very cool dude – very relaxed, but yet can turn the intensity on in a second. He seems very knowledgeable. I look forward to getting to learn more about him and work with him."

Position-wise, where does UNC see you fitting into its defense?

"They see me as a quick tackle – that weak three-technique that does a lot of pass rushing. And then when they go to a three-down front, I see me playing five-technique on the edge."

How have you been used at Cosby?

"We run a 3-5 at my high school, so I play everywhere across the line. I play everywhere from nose guard to end to outside linebacker.

"I've started two years – my sophomore and junior year. As a junior, I had like 85 tackles, 24 tackles for a loss, 12 ½ sacks, [and] three forced fumbles."

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