Right Time, Right Place for Artis

The timing was right for Allen Artis. InsideCarolina.com talked to the safety from Marietta (Ga.) Wheeler and his father, Johnny, about the decision to become a Tar Heel.

Why UNC?

Allen: "I think it's just the right fit for me. It's a great school academically. I can make a lot of connections academically and then I can come out with a great degree that will mean something.

"And then [it offers] a chance at early playing time. They need safeties."

What went behind the timing of the decision?

Allen: "I just felt like it was the time and the right place to commit."

How much did Cam Albright's commitment effect your decision?

Allen: "Either way, I probably would have committed to UNC. But it's good to have someone from your area that you know very well."

Was there ever a decision between you and Albright to play college at the same school?

Allen: "No we didn't. But the way it happened was pretty cool."

Did Albright give you any indication that he was considering committing to UNC?

Allen: "He didn't say he was considering committing, but he said he was considering North Carolina. I didn't know he was going to commit yesterday and I'm pretty sure he didn't know I was going to commit either."

UNC now has three commitments from safety prospects from Cobb County Georgia. What do you think about that?

Allen: "I think it just says a lot about my recruiter Coach [Walt] Bell. He's a pretty good recruiter and I think he did his job well."

Could you expand more on Bell's impact on your recruitment?

Allen: "He had a lot of insight into the school and into the program."

Mr. Artis, you have a connection to UNC's staff. How did that factor into your son's decision?

Johnny: "[Gunter Brewer and I] played together at Wake Forest. He was and wasn't a factor. Coach Bell did most of the recruiting, but [Brewer] knew that Allen was my son. Knowing Coach Brewer, it naturally eased some fears. The more you know somebody, the more comfortable you are, period. That made me more comfortable that I knew him and what type of person he is, as well."

As you know, UNC's defense utilizes three different types of safeties – the Ram, strong, and free. Where does the staff see you fitting into the 4-2-5 defense?

Allen: "They haven't really told us yet, but I'm waiting to find out more when I go back up there. I think I could play all three positions."

What's your role on Wheeler's defense?

Allen: "I'm really the quarterback of the defense. I set everything up and get everybody in the position to make plays."

When do you think you'll be able to make it back to Chapel Hill?

Allen: "I don't know, but maybe in the next month."

Originally, you were considering visiting other schools. Does this commitment change that?

Allen: "I'm done with visiting other schools. I'm going to be a Tar Heel so that's the only school that I need to go to."

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