Commitment Q&A: Avery Edwards

Avery Edwards brought his family to Chapel Hill on Tuesday morning to formally announce his decision to become a Tar Heel. After leaving campus, the tight end talked in-depth with about his decision.

What are your thoughts now that you've made your decision?

"I'm glad it's finally over. My family loved it – I loved it. UNC has always been my leader throughout the whole recruiting process. So I'm finally glad to let everybody know where I'll be spending my next four years. And I'm glad to finally be a part of the Tar Heel family."

When did you start to realize that you were leaning in that direction?

"I tried to stay open for a while, but I think after the Duke-Carolina game and then going up there and watching film with Coach Bell that one day I knew where I wanted to go. I hung out with Eric [Ebron] and Jack [Tabb] in the tight ends room, I knew those were the type of people I wanted to be around. And that is where I wanted to be."

When did you make the decision to commit?

"I had thought about it and I'm close to my family and I realized that I didn't want to go far. I want them to go to all my games. So I thought whenever I could get them all together, I'm going to commit.

"Coach Bell knew. The last day he came for spring recruiting with Coach Anderson I told him ‘Hey, I'm coming. I just have to get my family together and I want them to be a part of this.'"

Take me through what happened today.

"The whole thing was, I'm close to my family and I wanted my grandparents – both sides – to come see what I love about it. And we finally got a date together – we've been working on this for a while. I finally got both of my grandparents to come up here.

"Coach Bell toured us around. We went through everything you usually see and more. We went out to the field and the locker room. Everything just reassured that it's a great fit for me.

"And then we went into Coach [Larry] Fedora's office. I was introducing all my grandparents and then I said ‘I'm Avery Edwards and I'm a Tar Heel.' After that, we sat with Coach Fedora for 45 minutes. We laughed but we talked seriously at some points."

You were considering attending Fedora's Freak Show on Saturday, were you also planning to commit there?

"No, because I already knew that I wanted my grandparents to be there and they weren't going to be able to make that."

Why UNC?

"My relationship with Coach Bell has been strong throughout the whole recruiting process. And my relationship with Coach [Blake] Anderson and Coach Fedora has been amazing.

"I believe in what the coaches are saying. I believe I fit in with how they use their tight end to the dot. I believe that's the best system that's going to fit in with my skill set.

"I believe in what they're saying about winning championships and winning games. They've proven it at different schools.

"This recruiting class that they're building right now and the family I'm joining, I think it's one of the top ones out there. There's a lot of in-state talent and then they're pulling guys from different states. I just really believe in this class and this foundation."

You've mentioned Coach Bell a lot. He has been on fire recently landing six commitments since last Monday. What is it about Coach Bell that has allowed him to have this success?

"The one thing is he's young. That helps you connect to this generation of athletes that are growing up. He's a funny guy. He knows his football. He's serious about football, but yet he's funny. In the film room, he's a serious coach, but yet he's still funny somehow. I don't remember how it worked out, but I was laughing and I was still learning football. I think he's a great teacher. I think he has a great staff above him – he's been to a lot of great places with these guys."

Obviously you know UNC has Ebron and Tabb, but what have the coaches said about how you fit into their plans?

"They told me I'll see the field early, but we'll see. But I'm coming in and working my butt off. I'm going in to help the team out. I'm coming in to do everything I can to get on the field as soon as I can."

It's been well-documented that your family is NC State season ticket holders. Is that going to change now that you're a Tar Heel?

"[Laughs] One set of my grandparents are UNC fans. My mom was a majorette there, so my grandparents would go to games to watch her perform during halftime. So they said, ‘Oh yeah, we're getting season tickets as soon as you get there.'

"And then the other side is coming along. They're supportive and going to watch me play wherever I play. I'm not going to ask them to change anything for me, but I think they are going to support me."

Both of your parents graduated from UNC. So how did they become NC State season ticket holders?

"My dad grew up kind of a State fan, but he ended up going to UNC – he didn't apply to State. But after he graduated, he came back to [NC State] when my grandparents said ‘Hey, we can get season tickets here for the whole family and it will be great while the kids are young.' It's just gave us a time to keep the family close and we could do it on Saturdays. I live in Raleigh, but both my grandparents are in Johnston County."

Now that you're committed, are you going to help UNC recruit others?

"I'm going at Trevion [Thompson]. I'm going to let everyone know that I'm going at him hard. He was my AAU teammate – we basically played together for five summers when we were younger. I talked to the [UNC] coaches and they said that's their No. 1 receiving target."

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