Hines Has Great Time at Freak Show

Fedora's Freak Show was Nyheim Hines's first visit to North Carolina as a recruit.

"I knew a lot about the school, because I've been on the campus before for family members' graduations," Hines said. "But it gave me a different look of everything, because I never really been around the football program or the locker room or anything like that.

"The coaches made everything feel great, because they were so excited and energetic about everything. Like during the one-on-ones, if somebody got beat, they would encourage them. If somebody made a good move, they would yell and things like that.

"There was a lot of excitement and it was a great experience."

Hines, a 5-foot-8, 181-pound running back from Garner (N.C.), holds offers thus far from Duke, East Carolina, UNC, and NC State.

"I like everybody that has offered me so far," said Hines, a 2015 prospect. "Nobody has pulled away. I don't think anybody is going to pull away for a while because I'm just taking everything in and looking at everybody."

Having arrived about an hour before registration, Hines was given a quick campus tour.

"The program has a lot of history," Hines said. "I saw all the people in the NFC and AFC that use to play there. I'm familiar with Giovani Bernard – he was the first running back taken in this draft – and [Jonathan] Cooper, he was picked seventh overall."

After the tour, Hines was escorted to UNC's players' lounge, where a lot of other prospects were awaiting registration to begin.

"The game room was fun," Hines said. "I was playing games with different prospects, which was fun."

Besides playing air hockey and video games, Hines and his father conversed with Ron West, who recruits Wake County for UNC.

"We just talked about different things," Hines said. "We talked about how my track meet went the day before. He talked to my dad, because somehow it got out that he ran a 10.3 [100-meter dash], so they had a discussion about that. We talked about my speed and things that I could do to get better."

Since he participated in a track meet the day before, Hines skipped the 40-yard dash. But he did go through all the running back drills under the guidance of Randy Jordan.

"He's very energetic," Hines said. "I think he thought that he rubbed me the wrong way, because of how up-tempo he is, but really he didn't. He really wants to win and really wants his running backs to do the best they can. He told me the exact truth, so you need to be able to handle constructive criticism with him."

Most schools are simply recruiting Hines as an athlete. But he believes UNC has 100-percent settled on him playing running back within its offense.

After one-on-one drills, the camp concluded with a surprising activity – dodge ball.

"I didn't know what in the world they were thinking," Hines said. "When they first said ‘Dodge Ball,' I thought ‘They can't have any dodge balls.' I honestly wanted to be on the winning team to play against the coaches, but that didn't happen."

Previously, Hines preformed at Duke's Camp and observed NC State's Camp.

"[Fedora's Freak Show] was the greatest camp that I've been to," Hines said. "We were only there working for an hour – maybe an hour and a half. It was very quick, but it was very fun and I felt like I got better."

Hines hopes to get back to NC State, because his visit during its camp was cut short by family plans.

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