Commitment Q&A: Malik Carney

Malik Carney informed the UNC staff on Saturday that he has decided to become a Tar Heel. The Alexandria (Va.) Williams linebacker spoke to about his decision ...

What basically broke the tie between UNC and Tennessee?

"First, they both were good schools. It was tough to decide between those two, but UNC really won me over more and I fit really well in their defensive scheme. I can actually see myself living there for four or five years."

What did you do or who did you consult with the past couple of days?

"I did my homework on both of the schools and I talked to my mom and a couple of coaches, but at the end of the day I decided what was best for me and I felt that would be UNC."

You emphasized that you and Jeremiah Clarke weren't a package deal, but now you're both committed to the same school. So what affect did he have on you?

"It really didn't factor into my decision. I just felt like UNC would be the better place for me. And you know Jeremiah is going there, so it will be great to continue to play with a teammate. I guess it's good, but didn't affect my decision at all."

When did you inform the UNC coaches and what was their reaction?

"I called them around 12 this afternoon. I talked to Coach [Walt] Bell and the head coach [Larry Fedora]. They were really happy. They were hooting and hollering. They were just happy that I've committed there and I'm going there."

Speaking of Bell, can you discuss how he factored into your commitment?

"Really, Coach and I, we've been talking since I came up and visited with Jeremiah. One day I sent my Hudl film out to endless coaches and Jeremiah gave me [Bell's] Facebook name, so I sent my Hudl to him. He didn't reply, but I guess after a while, he saw what type of player I was and he started to recruit me. We've been talking for a couple of months now. I think he's a great coach – he keeps it real and he knows what he's talking about. He goes over the basics and I can relate to him."

Have you started up a relationship with Ron West, UNC's linebackers coach, or has all the communication been through Bell?

"Everything has been through Coach Bell. Now that I'm committed, I hope to start the relationship with Coach West."

What are your thoughts on how hard UNC has recruited the state of Virginia this recruiting class?

"I think they've been doing very, very well, actually. I know Caleb Henderson very well. I think they're doing a great job, as far as recruiting Virginia and they're having a lot of success in Virginia. They just need to just keep doing what they're doing and a lot more will come."

Have you received a better idea of where you fit into the defense at all?

"Yea, as a Will ‘backer or a middle ‘backer."

How do you feel now that you've made the decision?

"I feel like it's a huge relief, really. It feels great that I can say that I'm committed to UNC and relaxing. Now I can just continue to work and stay humble. But it's a huge relief."

Are you finished visiting other schools?

"I haven't really decided, but for the most part, I'm probably done."

When's the next time you'll be in Chapel Hill?

"It will be for the seven-on-seven in July with my teammates. I haven't really decided if I'll participate, but I'll probably participate."

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