UNC Sticking Out To Veal

Very few prospects worked out at North Carolina as much as Mason Veal during camp week. After participating in the Monday camp, the 2015 prospect returned for Fedora's Freak Show later in the week.

"At the first camp, I got offered there and then got invited back to the Freak Show," Veal said. "[Attending the Freak Show] was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I didn't have anything going on, so I just went up there."

Veal, a 6-foot-6, 265-pound offensive tackle from Charlotte (N.C.) Ardrey Kell, has visited UNC a couple times previously where the focus was the academic side of the school.

"I got a better feel for the football side of North Carolina, how they do things, and how the coaches coach," Veal said of the two camps. "I'm really building a relationship with Coach [Chris Kapilovic] and Coach [Gunter] Brewer. [UNC] is definitely high on my list."

Veal, who has collected scholarship offers from Clemson, UNC, NC State, and South Carolina, says two schools have emerged as favorites.

"I'd say Clemson and North Carolina are sticking out the most right now, just because they're the schools I've had the most exposure to," Veal said. "I haven't been on campus at South Carolina or NC State as a recruit – I've been to South Carolina as a South Carolina fan.

"And I've built the relationships more with the coaches at those two schools more than the other ones."

Both of Veal's parents were athletes at South Carolina.

"My parents really don't care," Veal said. "They just want me to find the best fit for me to go to school. If I decide that Clemson is where I want to go to school, they're both going to wear orange and purple on Saturdays; if it's North Carolina, they'll be in Tar Heel blue; and if it's South Carolina they'll be in garnet and black. They just really want me to be happy."

Before the two UNC camps, Veal camped at Clemson. After the UNC camps, he attended Notre Dame's Camp. He'll take a break from camps until July when he works out at Georgia on 12th, Alabama on either the 15th or 16th, and South Carolina on 27th.

Veal's focus for these camps is to work out under the guidance of the offensive line coach. At UNC, he received two sessions with Kapilovic.

"I really liked working with Coach Kap," Veal said. "He's really intense. He's very focus on doing everything right. He's not worried about hundreds of reps – he wants a few very good reps. He's very similar to my coach in high school right now, so it's something I'm used to. I love to deal with that type of coach and I take to it well."

The first UNC camp started on the practice field, but rain forced it indoors. Following the session, Brewer, who recruits the Charlotte area for UNC, gave Veal the news of the offer.

"He told me that they want to go ahead and offer me a scholarship after working with me," Veal said.

Afterwards, he met with Brewer and Kapilovic in the football building.

"They talked about what the offer meant and where I go from here," Veal said. "There wasn't anything specific about why I should choose North Carolina, but they told me I should take a step back, realize who is offering what, where I can get the best education, and really how I'm going to work with the O-line coach wherever I go because no matter how much I like the guy that's recruiting me the O-line coach is the one I'm going to be spending the next four or five years of life."

Veal was back in Chapel Hill five days later for Fedora's Freak Show.

"This is going to sound weird, but it was a little more relaxed but more intense at the same time," Veal said. "There weren't a lot of kids out there trying to show out and get an offer, because most of them had an offer and know what they're getting at North Carolina. But the coaches really try to get us going from the weight room to the main field.

"The atmosphere is definitely something that could give the school an edge with its camp. You're kind of giving them a feel of the stadium, because you're practicing in the stadium. I think that's more impressive. It was great to get the atmosphere going with the music blasting, how the coaches were, and competing more than anything else."

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