UNC in Muse's Top Three

North Carolina was among the schools Tanner Muse wanted to camp at this summer. However, the 2015 prospect's baseball schedule made that objective difficult.

"With Legion Ball, every other day we have to play," Muse said. "So I couldn't really make any time for any [camps] because I didn't want to miss any [baseball] games.

"But I wanted to get down to Carolina to talk to more coaches and build relationships with them."

As a substitute, Muse, a 6-foot-3, 210-pounder from Belmont (N.C.) South Point, dropped by UNC for a full day's stay just before UNC's first camp of the summer in June.

"I was able to visit with the coaches and talk about the defense," Muse said.

UNC was among the first schools to offer Muse a scholarship. He has also collected offers from Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, NC State, and Virginia.

Having visited UNC three times – a football game against Maryland, a junior day, and the recent summer visit – Muse has a favorable opinion of the Tar Heels.

"They have one of the best programs around," Muse said. "I'm really starting to get a real good relationship with the coaches and learn how they work."

Muse includes UNC among his early top three along with Clemson and NC State.

"The facilities are all the same, but I just feel like I have a better relationship with those coaches [at those three schools] so far," Muse said.

During his June stay, for the most part Muse split his time between Ron West, UNC's linebackers coach, and Gunter Brewer, his primary recruiter. While with West, Muse stayed in the football building learning about UNC's 4-2-5 scheme.

"We talked about the defense and playing time coming up," Muse said. "He says I could fit into either the Ram or nickel back or free safety – one of those three. It just depends on how big I get."

Most of Muse' prep experience is at the safety position, but he likes what he has heard about the Ram position.

"I really like the idea of the Ram, because there are formations where you come up and stop the run or help with the pass," Muse said.

While with Brewer, Muse was able to venture out and see more of UNC's campus – particularly the baseball side of it.

"Coach Brewer and I, we visited all the baseball stuff," Muse said. "The team was getting ready for South Carolina. We were going to try to make the game for a little bit – like the first couple of innings – but it got rained out. But we got to talk to Coach [Mike] Fox and Coach [Scott] Forbes, he's the pitching coach. We talked to [Fox] about playing both sports and how they could adjust and help me do it."

Muse plans to play both football and baseball in college.

"Primarily, [my focus in college would be] football, but I think baseball can come with it," Muse said.

The success of UNC's baseball program – particularly this past season – will only help UNC's chances with Muse.

"It's just a real good [baseball] program they've got down there," Muse said. "I'd love to play for them."

Muse capped off the visit in Larry Fedora's office for an individual meeting with UNC's head man.

"We spoke about what I'd like to do after college and what it would be like to play for the Tar Heels," Muse said.

Besides the aforementioned UNC visit, Muse's baseball schedule has only permitted a trip to Duke. Depending on how deep his Legion team goes into the playoffs, Muse said he would like to take more recruiting trips this summer.

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