Henderson Busy Recruiting

North Carolina pledge Caleb Henderson is working on visiting UNC one more time this summer.

"I'm actually trying to make a visit down just to see a practice before the season starts – before my schedule gets too crazy," the 6-foot-3, 209-pound quarterback from Burke (Va.) Lake Braddock said. "I really want to get down there for their 7-on-7 tournament, but [my high school] is in the Mel Kiper National Tournament that same weekend. But I still want to talk to my head coach to see if we can get a bus to go down [to UNC], because I really want to show A.J. [Alexander] – who is one of the top 2015 recruits and one of my top receivers -- Chapel Hill and have him meet all the coaches."

Alexander is a 6-3, 210-pound wide receiver who has collected offers from Penn State and Virginia.

"He's one of the most physical wide receivers I've ever played with," Henderson said. "He's deceivingly fast – he probably runs about a 4.4 hand-timed [40-yard dash], because he ran a 4.6 laser. He played both ways last year, but he probably won't play both ways this year. But last year on defense he had a great nose for the ball. We throw a lot of screens to him and he sees the field really, really well – he sees the cracks so he can squeak through.

"He's a great player that I would love to have at Chapel Hill."

Henderson's recruiting efforts aren't exclusive to his current teammates. He has had a hand in recruiting most of UNC's latest commitments and continues to recruit M.J. Stewart.

"I talk to M.J. almost every day – he's a huge recruit for us," Henderson said. "I'm actually pretty close to him – I played youth league with him…

"I think I pretty much got Jeremiah [Clarke] committed, because I pretty much told him we're building something at UNC, he loves Coach [Larry] Fedora, I told him you're not going to find a more beautiful campus. I pretty much did the same thing with Malik [Carney] and since him and Jeremiah are good friends he was a pretty easy sell.

"I talked to Josh Allen every day for three weeks. I just told him how I'd love for him to protect me – just stuff like that."

If Stewart commits to UNC, Henderson will be batting 1.000.

Henderson plans to add Bentley Spain to his target list. Henderson is working on reaching out to Spain, who is down to UNC and Stanford.

In addition to moonlighting as a recruiter and quarterbacking his high school team in various 7-on-7 tournaments, Henderson is taking classes this summer so that he has the option to graduate early.

"It's still a decision that I'm making with my family whether to graduate early," Henderson said. "It's 50-50 right now.

"If I stay, I'll be able to enjoy high school and finally have a whole year to myself where I can just hang out. Since I've gotten into high school, I've never had a year where I could actually relax and have fun.

"Going in early, I would have a very good shot at competing for the starting job."

Since committing, Henderson continues to speak to Blake Anderson, UNC's offensive coordinator and quarterback coach, and Fedora on a regular basis, but the conversations have been more "casual" nature.

"Coach Anderson just got back from Texas a couple of weeks ago, so I talked to him about that," Henderson said. "I ask him how his family is doing. We have a really good relationship. I like Coach Anderson a lot – he's a really big reason why I chose Chapel Hill.

"Coach Fedora, I call every two weeks. I just let him know how I'm doing, how I'm doing in my summer school classes, I ask him how his family is doing. I ask him about any new plays that they've added to the playbook, because we're running the exact same offense that UNC is running."

Even if Henderson is able to work out a return visit to Chapel Hill before the season, it won't be his first since becoming a Tar Heel in early April. A couple of weeks after he committed, Henderson, his mother, and his uncle spent a day in Chapel Hill. That visit, though, was primarily for his mother who had yet to see the school.

"She thought it was a great choice," Henderson said. "Academically, it's one of the best schools in the country. It's a beautiful campus. She really likes Franklin Street. She really likes the town of Chapel Hill. She just enjoyed everything about Chapel Hill."

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