UNC Coaches Up Mollette

During North Carolina's camp week in June, Juval Mollette, one of the state's top 2015 prospects, made two visits to Chapel Hill.

"The first visit was actually a camp and I actually participated in drills," Mollette said. "And I felt like I did pretty well at the camp.

"And then I went to the Freak Show Camp, but I couldn't do anything because I had sprained my ankle the day before at a basketball game. So I just watch then."

Despite being sidelined for Fedora's Freak Show, Mollette, a 6-foot-4, 187-pound wide receiver from Randleman (N.C.), received a good taste of the event.

"It's way more intense," Mollette said. "It's more fun, because you're competing against the best receivers and DBs around that Carolina is recruiting. So you get to see what talent you have to work against."

Additionally, Mollette was impressed with the atmosphere.

"I thought [the atmosphere] was pretty cool," Mollette said. "This was really my first year going to any camps. And out there on the field, some of their current players, they were out there talking to us and cheering us on. So it was pretty exciting."

With all that said, Mollette says it was frustrating watching from the sidelines.

"I had just sprained my ankle the day before," Mollette said. "I was disappointed, because I really wanted to go out there and have some fun."

Prior to camp week, Mollette had attended UNC's football games against East Carolina and NC State, as well as a junior day during the spring. Those visits allowed him to converse with Gunter Brewer, the Tar Heels' wide receivers coach. However, during the camp he actually participated in, Mollette actually worked out under Brewer's guidance.

"He's a really, really good coach," Mollette said. "He makes sure the intensity in the drills is always up. He's always making sure you're working hard. And he's always making sure he's teaching you basic stuff that some coaches won't touch up on."

In particular, Mollette says Brewer helped him improve his footwork as he comes off the line.

"He taught me a lot of stuff that I'll be able to use to get off the line and beat a jam," Mollette said.

The coaching Mollette received wasn't limited to Brewer, though. Larry Fedora made sure to coach him up in-between a few reps.

"Mainly he was just helping me with some things that he saw," Mollette said. "Like, if I dropped a ball, he gave me advice with my mechanics."

Following that camp, both Fedora and Chris Kapilovic, Mollette's area recruiter, had told Mollette that they were looking forward to seeing him perform at Fedora's Freak Show. Obviously, at the time they had no idea Mollette would sprain his ankle later that week.

Mollette has since fully recovered from the ankle sprain and is currently helping his AAU basketball team in the national championship in Florida.

Six schools have offered Mollette a scholarship – Duke, Georgia Tech, UNC, NC State, and Wake Forest.

"I'm kind of still just wide open, really" Mollette said. "But I like Carolina. But that's really one of the few schools I've been able to get to.

"I would have been able to get to more schools, but I'm doing AAU ball. I don't think I'm doing AAU next summer and hopefully this football season I'll be able to visit more places."

Mollette, who also camped at NC State this summer, is looking into attending games at Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and Virginia, as well as a return to UNC.

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